Dal Makhani & Paratha (Kids School Lunch Box Ideas)

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The Dal Makhani & Paratha combo is a favorite with the kids and they simply love to dip the parathas into the creamy dal. I most often also pack the box with some plain yogurt or curd rice to make the meal complete and making their lunch box filling and nutritious. I most often make the dal the previous evening and the dough for the paratha is also kept ready. In the morning, I just pack in the dal and make the paratha fresh to pack into the lunch box.

Get Recipe of Dal Makhani

Get Recipe of Tawa Paratha

What the it has: 

- Carbohydrates from the Paratha and the Protein from the Dal Makhani helps give energy to the children to help them sustain through the day

- You can also pack some curd rice or buttermilk or even some cut fruits to make it a complete lunch

Lunch Box You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or other Steel Lunch Boxes