Kids Lunch Box Recipes: Delicious Chatpata Kala Chana Pakora Roll And Fruits

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Packing everyday Lunch Box is a task, especially for people who works and have a hectic everyday schedule. Also it is very important to pack something which is delicious and something that satisfy you taste buds. 

In this Lunch Box, we have packed a Chatpata Kala Chana Pakora Roll which is easy to make and is loved by everyone. In this roll, a Pakora is stuffed in a whole wheat wrap and spiced with some onions. You can pack this in your Lunch Box as well as your Kids Lunch Box. This Roll is high in protein due to the use of Kala Chana, making it more nutritious.

Along with this Kala Chana Roll, we have packed cut Watermelons that you can have during Lunch or in between your meals. You can also pack your favourite fruits according to the season in your Lunch Box.

1. Chatpata Kala Chana Pakora Roll/Frankie

A delicious and chatpata roll which is perfect for your Lunch Box. Crispy kala chana pakoras, wrapped in a whole wheat paratha slathered with green chutney and meetha chutney, topped with pickled onions, this roll is a must try in you kitchen. You can also make this roll for your tea parties or as an after school snack. You can also use Maida paratha to make this roll.

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Chatapata Kala Chana Roll

2. Watermelon

Along with this delicious Roll, we have packed some chopped watermelons which will add that extra nutrition to the meal. You can also pack fruits of your choice to this Lunch Box.