Make Delicious, Fresh And Crispy Vadas Using iD Fresh Vada Batter

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When it comes to Breakfast, South Indian food is our absolute favourite! Soft spongy Idlis and crispy Vadas dipped into piping hot Sambar with some side of delicious Coconut chutney makes you hungry as soon as you hear the name. Other South Indian breakfast that makes us hungry is crispy Ghee Dosas which you can eat along with Sambar and Chutney of your choice. Filter Coffee, which is very popular in South India served on the side makes this breakfast even better.

You will find these Vadas in all the South Indian restaurants and darshinis, where they dip these Vadas into piping hot Mixed Vegetable Sambar with a side of coconut chutney. You will see many people standing in this Darshini early morning and enjoying these Vadas for your breakfast. 

The best thing is they are very easy to make even at home, but there is one dish that we, especially non South Indians struggle to make are Vadas. That perfect round shape with a hole in the center, only comes with practice. But now it has become very easy with the iD Vada batter. The packet itself comes with a nozzle that helps you make the perfect Vadas. You just have to drop the Vada batter in the hot oil through the packet and your small crispy Vadas are ready.

It saves time and you do not have to think about making Vadas during the weekday ever again. So next time you are calling some for Breakfast at your house make these Vadas and we are sure they will love eating these small crispy South Indian Vadas.

Here, this delicious crispy Vadas is served along with Tomato Onion Sambar and Coconut Chutney, which makes this Dosa taste even better. You can make the chutney beforehand and keep in the fridge for two days. Make sure you do not store it for more than two days, as it will get spoil because of the fresh Coconut. Serve a hot cup of Filter Coffee along, to enjoy this delicious South Indian Breakfast meal.

Here, we will tell you how to make the Vadas using the iD Fresh Vada batter:

  1. Firstly heat the required oil in a heavy bottomed pan on low heat.
  2. Take the Vada packet, unwrap and unlock the pack’s nozzle. Make sure you are holding the packet from above and close to the heavy bottomed pan.
  3. Next, slide the vada cutter upwards. Now squeeze the pack towards the pan to form vada shaped batter.
  4. Slide the Vada cutter downwards, so that the vadas drop into the hot oil. Make sure that you maintain a safe distance from the kadhai, as the oil will be very hot.
  5. Deep fry the vadas till they turn nicely brown and crispy. Once done, take them out on an oil absorbent paper so that it soaks up the extra oil.
  6. To continue, clean the nozzle with a tissue paper and follow the same process again.Serve these hot crispy vadas with your favourite South Indian Chutney and Sambar. Also serve a hot cup of Fresh Filter Coffee along to make this South Indian Breakfast even more better.