Multigrain Waffles with Nutella | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

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School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: The Multigrain Waffles recipe is a delicious recipe of waffles that is made from finger millet flour, oat flour and whole wheat flour. The goodness of all the grains when made into a waffles is simply delicious.

When I packed this for my kids lunch box, then came back saying that "Mom the whole class was sitting on top of my table trying to get a bite of my waffles, they simply loved it". As a mother, I felt so happy to hear that and that it made my kids happy to share their lunch box too :)

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What the it has: 

- The goodness of ragi and whole wheat when combined with eggs or without gives immense energy to kids that will help them focus through the school work 

- You can optionally pack the waffles along with fruits and nuts for added nutrition.

Lunch Boxes You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or Steel Lunch Boxes