Office & Kids Lunch Box - Tofu Coleslaw Sandwich & Smoothie

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The Tofu and Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich along with Banana Smoothie makes a great high protein lunch box. You can pack it for an office lunch or even to a kids school lunch box. Tofu is high in protein and packing in protein rich foods for lunch and when combined along with a few slices of bread, gives in the energy required to sustain through the day.

The smoothie acts as a great refreshing drink to help give that instant energy. You can either have the smoothie along with the sandwich or even keep it for amid morning snack or a mid afternoon snack. 

Tofu Coleslaw Sandwich

Tip for packing sandwich into a Lunchbox: Use fresh bread and grill the sandwich on low to medium heat on a tawa. Cooking on medium heat will keep the sandwich firm. 

You can make the coleslaw salad the previous night and keep it in the refrigerator so that it becomes easier to prep in the morning. In addition, Also you can omit the coleslaw and also add chutney to make it easier to pack during rushed mornings. Here is the link to the recipe - Tofu Coleslaw Sandwich.

If you are looking for more sandwich recipes, below sandwich recipes ones will work great for a office lunch box or even for kids school lunch


Banana Yogurt and Walnut Smoothie Recipe 

Tip: A good way to pack a smoothie into a lunch box: Add a few cubes of ice into the smoothie and ensure you pack into a leaf proof glass. Ice will help retain the taste and also by the time it is afternoon, it will hold it texture as well. 

You can also pack other smoothies the similar way and make them with milk as well. Below are a few Smoothies which will taste great for an office lunch or a kids school lunch box

Banana Almond Smoothie Recipe