Plan Your Everyday Lunch Box Meal with Tofu and Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich and More

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Planning a Lunch box meal everyday is a hard task for people who got to work and as well as for homemakers who run of ideas on what to pack healthy and a delicious meal for their kids. It is usually dishes that are made in the morning  which are packed for the afternoon boxes also. Sometimes this might get boring and tedious to keep working on the Lunch box meal. So do not worry at Archana's Kitchen we have come up with a creation of a Healthy Lunch Box Plan that will be exciting to try as well delicious to taste. 

 We have created a Tofu and Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich which will keep your lunch box meal simple at the same time Healthy. The sandwich is then accompanied with some freshly sliced cucumber and light Banana and walnut smoothie to add in some extra fruits and vegetables to your diet. You can wrap the sandwich in a foil and carry it or just place it in lunch box once the sandwich is completely cooled down so that it does not become soggy and it remains crisp. 

Note : You can make the coleslaw  salad the previous night and keep it in the refrigerator so that it becomes easier to prep in the morning. 



Sibyl Sunitha

Sibyl Sunitha

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