Weekly Dinner Menu (Get Dinner Recipes of Khatta Meetha Petha, Grilled Sub Sandwich and more)

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Plan your weeknight meals with Dinner Recipes of Khatta Meetha Petha, Grilled Sub Sandwich and more, that are fresh from the kitchen made with fresh and local ingredients.  I hope you find this dinner meal plan useful and let us know how you managed your week. Most of these recipes serve 4 to 5 people — we are a family of 2 adults, 2 pre teen boys and a house help. And with all the cooking, we very rarely have leftovers. If you have a larger family, you might want to consider making a larger quantity or if you have a smaller family then you can reduce it to half.

Your Weeknight Dinner Meal Plan

Monday Khatta Meetha Petha 
Dhaba Style Green Moong Dal Tadka Phulka
Tuesday Chettinad Pepper Cauliflower Fry 
Okra and Lentil Sambar Steamed Rice & Phulka
Wednesday Bharva Baingan  Gujarati Kadhi

Tawa Paratha

Thursday Simple Egg Curry Salad Phulka
Friday Curried Sweet Potato Mexican Fajita  Mexican Brown Rice & Quinoa Casserole   
Saturday Grilled Sub Sandwich  Stir Fried Corn & Lima Bean Salad  
Sunday Smoked Dhaba Dal Moongphali Bhindi  Phulka

Your Shopping List

There are a few Pantry Staples like Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions, Ghee, Oils, Wheat Flour, Rice, Mustard, Cumin, Sesame, Condiments,Turmeric, Spices, Salt, Pepper and many more that I am not including in the Pantry Staples. The Recipe links above will have majority of the staples give in them. For ease of shopping, I am including the major ones that each of the recipe will require

Day of The WeekShopping & Pantry Supplies

Pumpkin, Green Moong Dal


Cauliflower, Okra, Idli Dosa Batter


Baby Eggplant, Yogurt


Egg, Vegetables for Salad


Sweet Potato, Bell Pepper, Tortilla Wrap, Cheese, Lettuce, Quinoa


 Bread, Paneer, Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Lima Beans


 Okra, Peanuts, Toor Dal