Weekly Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas from Spinach Coriander Dosa, Gajar Paratha, Fruit Sandwich & More

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The kids are all set to get back to school after a long vacation, and so are you as finding ideas for kid’s lunch and snack box are one of the most challenging tasks for parents. It is also a difficult task as we always want to load their boxes with nutrition and also make it interesting at the same time. Sometimes it is very important to introduce secret veggies and fruits into their diet so that they get to eat everything. With an effective planning and prior preparation of the menu laid in front of you, it becomes a lot easier to assemble them.  This week we have no repeat meals for a wholesome and healthy lunch box to school with recipes like spinach and coriander dosa, tofu green pulao, gajar paratha and much more. Do give it a try and plan accordingly, that will surely make your life much easier in the kitchen.

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (4yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Spinach And Coriander Dosa Recipe, Tomato Onion Chutney, Almonds Sesame Peanut Potato Mix Recipe,Tawa Paratha, Curd
Tuesday Broccoli Kheema and Cheese Uttapam with coconut chutney, eggless almond coconut cookies Tofu Green Pulao, Mint And Pomegranate Raita Recipe
Wednesday Fruit Sandwich Recipe, walnuts, and cashews Gajar Paratha wrap with pickle and yogurt
Thursday Panchratan Dal Paniyaram with coconut chutney . Millet Energy Bites With Almonds, Mini idli Manchurian, curd rice
Friday Carrot Cake Pancakes Recipe, Mango slices Penne Pasta In Marinara Sauce and fruits

Tips for Planning

MenuPlanning & Tips

Stock your fridge with some palak and have your Idli/Dosa batter ready to make spinach and coriander dosa for Monday and also store half of it in the refrigerator for the Broccoli and Cheese Uttapam to be prepared next day. Prepare Tomato Onion Chutney. Keep the boiled potatoes ready for Sesame Peanut Potato Mix. Stock your fridge with some curd.


Prepare the Broccoli mince for the Broccoli and Cheese Uttapam. Also, you can make the eggless almond coconut cookies during the weekend and store it in airtight. These are great as an after school snack as well.Stock your fridge with some Palak, methi, spring onions, coriander, chillies, mint leaves paste handy the previous day, also keep the French beans, peas, capsicum cleaned and chopped with a bowl of tofu slices and also pomegranate seeds for the raita.


Have the bread slices and the fruit jam in your fridge, you can also thinly slice the fruits, all you have to do is assemble everything and grill the sandwich in the morning. You can keep ready the stuffing of grated carrots, chopped coriander and green chillies with cumin powder and salt ready in a container and all you have to do is just make hot parathas and pack them. Stock your fridge with yogurt.


Have the panchratan dal batter ready with the required soaking and then blending them with green chillies, coriander, mint and curry leaves. Also, keep ready the grated coconut ready for chutney too.Make the dosa / idli batter and also keep the mini idli ready for the Manchurian. Stock your fridge with curd for the curd rice.


You can keep the batter ready for pancake and also grated carrots and finely chopped pineapples in the fridge. Have vegetables and tomato puree ready for the penne pasta in marinara sauce. Cook the pasta and refrigerate.