Weekly Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas from Thepla, Sukhi Aloo Sabzi, Beetroot Rice, Chola Puri, Waffles and more

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With every passing week, we are trying to give best flavors and nutrition into the lunch box. The idea is to keep things simple, plan earlier and make a wholesome meal for us and kids. From Thepla, Sukhi Aloo Sabzi, Beetroot Rice, Chola Puri, Waffles and more - Use these ideas and recipes to help you pack your kids lunch boxes, plan for them. Planning lunch box does need prior preparation and when you have a menu laid out in front of you, then putting it together just becomes a breeze. This week we have have an almost no repeat day, where you can your kids can have wholesome and healthy lunch boxes to work and school.

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (3yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Sooji Dhokla Thepla, Sukhi Aloo Sabzi, Chaas
Tuesday Potato Sandwich with Ketchup by the side  Beetroot Rice, Raita 
Wednesday Banana, Nuts & Cheese Box Chana Masala, Puri, Raita 
Thursday Semiya Upma  Stuffed Paneer Cabbage Paratha, Pickle/ Raita
Friday Nutella Waffles, Fruits  Tawa Paratha & Aloo Gobi Sabzi 

Tips for Planning

MenuPlanning & Tips
Monday Boil the potatoes the previous night and also make the thepla dough ready. Making the sabzi and thepla will become a breeze next morning. Sooji dhokla needs very little prep and you will be done making it in 20 minutes. 
Tuesday Have a few potatoes boiled the previous day and a ready stock of bread for the sandwich. Grate the beetroot and have some cooked rice ready - then making the beetroot rice will be quick and easy. 
Wednesday Bananas, cheese cubes and nuts, pack the banana as a whole into the box and place the cubes of cheese and nuts in small containers. Soak and have the chana cooked the previous day along with the masala. Chana Masala always tastes good the next day. Make fresh puris and pack into the lunch box.
Thursday Have some vegetables chopped for the semiya upma the previous day. Have the stuffing for paneer cabbage paratha ready and also the dough ready. Then making the paratha will be a breeze.
Friday Whip up the waffles the same day, it takes all of 15 minutes to make them. Have the dough for the paratha ready and the vegetables cut the previous day. Making the aloo gobi together takes only 20 minutes.