Weekly Snack & Lunch Box Ideas - From Mixed Sprout Coriander Dosa, Chocolate Chip Pancakes to Palak Dal and more

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While making recipes, your family already loves, try sneaking in the healthy ingredients for that additional healthy punch. Sometimes it becomes important especially for children that we introduce secret veggies and fruits in their diet so that they get to eat everything. With this intent, here comes the weekly menu plan for weekly snack and lunch box. Recipes like Mixed Sprout Coriander Dosa. Broccoli and Cheese Uttapams and Palak Dal are packed with the goodness of sneaky nutritious ingredients. Do give them a try and let us know it turns out!! 

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (3yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Mixed Sprouts Coriander Dosa, Tomato Onion Chutney, Raisins Quick Cauliflower Sabzi, Tawa Paratha, Curd
Tuesday Broccoli and Cheese Uttapam, Date And Almond Balls Palak Dal, Jeera Rice, Sliced Cucumbers
Wednesday Grilled Potato Sandwich Recipe, Coconut Burfi Cabbage Paneer Paratha, Strawberry Raita
Thursday Vegetable Rava Upma Recipe,Date And Almond Balls Vegetarian Mexican Rice, Mint And Pomegranate Raita
Friday Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancake With Apples, Walnuts Spinach Corn Pasta In Whole Wheat White Sauce

Tips for Planning

MenuPlanning & Tips
Sunday Prepare Idli/Dosa batter and store half of it in the refrigerator for the Broccoli and Cheese Uttapam to be prepared on Tuesday. Prepare Mixed Sprout Coriander Dosa batter with the rest. Prepare Tomato Onion Chutney. Keep the cauliflower florets ready for Quick Cauliflower Sabzi. Stock your fridge with some curd.
Monday Prepare the Brocolli mince for the Broccoli and Cheese Uttapam. Prepare the Date and Almond balls. These are great as an afterschool snack as well. Stock your fridge with some Palak and cucumbers.
Tuesday Prepare a batch of Coconut Burfi. This is a nutritious snack to munch on throughout the week. Ensure you have vegetable and fruits like potato, cabbage and strawberry with you. Stock your fridge with some paneer and curd. 
Wednesday Have cut vegetables for the Vegetable Rava Upma with you. Similarly, refrigerate chopped vegetables for Vegetarian Mexican Rice. Have pomegranate seeds with you. Stock your fridge with mint leaves and curd.  
Thusday Have chocolate chips with you. Have vegetables and fruits like spinach, apples and corn with you. Prepare the white sauce for the pasta and refrigerate. Cook the pasta and refrigerate.