5 No Onion Garlic Recipes You Will Definitely Love

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Onion and garlic is almost a daily ingredient in Indian food as it brings out a different flavours and richness to a recipe. Having said that, there are many people who don’t prefer the above ingredients in their daily meals, due to different reasons. Some of them don’t eat it due to religious reasons or allergy issues and some of them might not like the taste.

In Indian households, people usually use onions to make gravy for their curry based dishes, as it adds a great taste and texture to the dish. What if you want to the gravy that the onion brings? Over generations, recipes without onion garlic have been passed on and so have the tips and tricks to get the gravy like consistency. This is done by substituting ingredients like cabbage, cashew nuts, bottle gourds and many such things to bring out the same texture. These additions, not only add a nutrition value to the recipe, but also brings a great taste as well. The above ingredients are sauteed in oil to get a roasted aroma, similar to how you would cook the onion and garlic and then pureed to get a gravy like consistency. Below are five best ‘No onion-garlic’ recipes, which will surprise you with their delicious taste.

1. Dubki Wale Aloo

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Potatoes are everyone’s favourite and if it’s cooked in a spicy gravy, it is like a cherry on the top. Dubki Wale Aloo Recipe, which is a speciality of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is served with steaming hot puris. This recipe is cooked without garlic and onion, so you can have this yummy dish during your fasting days too. Get recipe- Dubki Wale Aloo

2. Rajasthani Gatte Ki Sabji

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Being a Rajasthani, this dish is my absolute favourite. It is a traditional yogurt based curry that is simmered along with a spiced gram flour dumplings which tastes amazing with phulkas or baatis. It is a perfect recipe where different spices are blended just perfectly with the curd gravy. Get recipe- Rajasthani Gatte Ki Sabzi

3. Lemon Rice

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There are some days when you want to get away with the cooking process very fast. Well, this is your dish, healthy, quick and tasty at the same time. Rice, packed with flavours from lemon, green chillies and curry leaves what else one wants? Get recipe- Lemon Rice

4.Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi

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There are different types of kadhis made in different parts of India, but this one is a must try. It is a yogurt based tangy and spicy curry with okras that is a staple dish in North India. It can be best served with jeera rice and hot phulkas. It tastes even better without garlic and onions. Get recipe- Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi

5.Broccoli Malai Kofta

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This recipe is filled with the goodness of Paneer and Broccoli. It is a wholesome and nutritious way to combine the broccoli and paneer into a Kofta. This spicy curry is the best dish to serve for your weekend lunch with whole wheat Lachha parathas. Get recipe- Broccoli Malai Kofta