What I do with my KitchenAid Grain Mill? I make fresh whole grain cookies, breads and roti's. Well I must confess that I dont use it as much as I love to use it, but after a spring cleaning I have started using it more often. And now, plan to not store it back into the pantry and let it sit there, but keep it attached to my KitchenAid, so I can use it more frequently.

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Went to the HAL Market in Bangalore for the very first time. After living in Bangalore for about 5 years now, I had not visited the cities famous markets known for their hustle bustle early in the mornings. Having stopped the school bus and dropping the kids to school now every morning has sure added a routine for me to visit the city's various markets.

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Sucré is a patisserie owned and run by a good friend of mine, Suhasini Sood in Delhi. The story of Sucré is made out of memories of delicious homemade birthday cakes and a Parisian town full of magnificent patisseries and boulangeries. Sucré, meaning “sweetened” in French, was officially born in 2011 from the passion of Suhasini Sood, a woman who fell in love with baking, and after the requests of a cheering crowd of friends and family who fell in love with her desserts.

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Calling all bloggers, home chefs, home makers and passionate cooks, to come and submit your best Diwali Recipes that are passed on to you through friends, family, mothers, grandmothers and more. And the lucky one who enters the contest will win the KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender, the 2nd and 3rd winners will get the KitchenAid® 3.5 Cup Food Chopper by KitchenAid India

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Calling all bloggers, home chefs, home makers and passionate cooks, to come and submit recipes that are passed on to you through friends, family, mothers, grandmothers and more. And the lucky one who enters the contest will win the Waffle Maker by Severin, Germany sponsored by Zansaar. Warm maple syrup and melted butter on some freshly baked waffles--what better way to kick-off the morning!

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Are you someone who hates spending much time cooking in the kitchen, no matter what the meal or even the occasion? Do you think you can put together an amazing mix of healthy ingredients in just 30 minutes that will leave your family and friends hungering for more? If you are, then this is just the right chance to show your skills!

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Thank you for buying Illuminating Lives with Yoga. You will get a link to download the book on your email. 

I hope you enjoy the book and get to learn some of the wonderful tips my mom has shared with you on yogic asanas, pranayam and many more that will help us lead a more healthy stress free life.

If you had any difficulting in buying the book or had a good shopping experince or would like to share your feedback on the book you can write to me at using the Contact Me Form

Thank You

Archana Doshi (Daughter of the Author - Geeta Iyer)

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Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the picnics, trekking, bbq’s with a lot of outdoor fun. So this summer let us get together and whip up summer favourites that we can enjoy this summer fruity beverages, healthy salads and meals and of course the chilled summer time desserts. I have teamed up with Monica Deshpande of Oven Goodies and Varan Bhaat to bring you a Summer Special.

Event End Date: June 20th 2013, 9:00 AM IST

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Healthy, fast food for dinner? Yes, it's possible (without a drive-through window)! Many of us are hard pressed for time in the evening to make a healthy, quick dinner for ourselves and the family. This event is an initiative where we come together to create wholesome dinner options that can be made in under an hour. We should be able to put together these dishes with ease. So lets all bring together this delicious wholesome Dinner Under An Hour event and share with the world, friends and family. Go ahead to submit your recipes. This event is for every one who loves to cook great food

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In India and many countries like US there is a big rage on home cooks and bakers starting a catering business from their home. I did that as well way back in 2010. Below is a short blog post on how I thought and went about in doing the business.

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Rava Dosa is a semolina crepe that is flavored with black pepper, ginger, green chillies and coriander. I like to call it a lace crepe because of the many holes the crepe forms while making it. Rava dosa is one of the popular instant dosa's that you can make at home. It is a favorite with my family especially for dinner.

Recently I tried the Soulfull's Rava Dosa mix, as it is, without the addition of salt and without the addition of any more flavors. It was very very fresh, tuned out crips and delicious. I served it for breakfast along with thakkali vengayam sambar and my family loved it! 

The variations you can add to this is by adding some finely chopped cabbage or finely chopped onions to get a rustic flavor to this traditional south indian tiffin dish.

I typically dont buy ready made products, but Soulfull's product was of high quality with full of freshness. The instructions in the back of the product was simple and easy to understand. This is something I would stock in my pantry for those emergency days when I dont want to cook, but yet want to have something nutritious. 

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Adai is protein packed lentil crepe, similar to a dosa. It is typically had as a tiffin dish in the south indian homes. The tiffin dishes can be had for breakfast or for dinner. The Adai is typically heavier than a normal flour crepe or a dosa.

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Breakfast in 30 Minutes was an initiative to help you to get inspired to cooking home cooked healthy foods to begin a healthy start to your day. Browse through the delicious collection of wholesome and healthy breakfast recipes that can be prepared in your own kitchen with just a little preparation. Giving time for breakfast each day is very important. It is impotant that we try and avoid eating processed or ready to makes foods that are available in the market.

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Organic Food is becoming increasingly popular and so are its news stories across India and around the world.

What exactly is Organic Food?

Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods that do not involve the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers during the growth of edible plants. Organic foods are also not processed using chemical food additives.

What is Non Organic Food?

Food that is grown with the addition of pesticides to kill any harmful bacteria and insects and also helps in the healthy and larger production of food.

Among many studies one study found a 20% smaller yield from organic farms using 50% less fertilizer and 97% less pesticide. Some studies and supporters of organic farming claim that organically managed soil has higher quality and higher water retention. The supporters also claim that organic methods could produce enough food on a global per capita basis to sustain the current human population, and potentially an even larger population, without increasing the agricultural land base. (source wiki)

So is one or the other better? What does research say? And where do we stand now?

From what I have been reading the current research has not shown a consistent and significant difference between organic and more conventionally grown food in terms of safety, nutritional value or taste. The biggest difference in all the research I notice is that the food that is not organic where chemicals and pesticides are used could be carcinogenic. The organic foods are less like to be carcinogenic because of their limited exposure to the pesticides and chemicals.

So in short in my opinion I would love to shift to all things organic and be pesticides and chemicals free. But there are times, when I can avoid them when we travel and not all the time do I get fresh vegetables and fruits that are organic in India.The dry produce like lentils, fruits, spices etc are now readility available in many Stores-Deals from Groupon India- across india

I do now see a growing trend in also organic milk by a few farms, but it is not yet fully available in the retail markets and stores in India. I am surely looking for the day; every locality has a weekly farmers organic market, where I can go shop. Until then, I am no rigid about this or that, if organic food comes along my way I will go ahead and consume it, if now I will just live with reality.

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How to write a recipe like a professional is an article to help Contributors of Archana’s Kitchen or even aspiring cooks and writers to begin writing a winning recipe. Recipe writing did not come naturally to me and every time I write I want to make it better for the reader. It took me many years to get where I am. Remember writing a winning recipe is about constant reviewing, practice and adherence to a few rules. A poorly written recipe or an article can result in wasted time, money and effort. It's something we take very seriously at Archana’s Kitchen and that is why I test all the recipes that I a multiple times. 

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Last Sunday Nov 11th 2012 was a epic experience meeting our very own MasterChef Judge Vikas Khanna and the Gadjet Guru Rajiv Makhni at the NokiaAppTasting event at ITC Gardenia. The presence of both of them on stage drove the crowd into laughter, fun and information on some very interesting apps.

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Cooking along with Chef Rohan, Pepper Cafe, Bangalore and a group of people who were so much of foodies was a fantastic experience at the Le Creuset Bangalore Store.

Cooking on Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware and using the colorful stoneware was an experience everyone of us dreams of and I had a fantastic experience not only cooking in them but showing the foodies how to use them as well.

Together me and Chef Rohan cooked up a storm and yes everyone loved it. The menu for the class was

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STEP 1: Once you have a google account, and you click on the hangout link it will ask you to sign up for the google plus page. using your google account id enter the
USERNAME and PASSWORD and click sign in.

STEP 2: When you dont have a goople plus account, google will take you through the simple steps to join Google Plus. Fill in the details like I have done below and click on UPGRADE that is in the right side corner of the page
If you already have a goole plus account then you when you sign in it will automatically take you to STEP 6 - JOIN HANG OUTS PAGE. 

STEP 3: The set up will take you to adding friends. You can do that at leisure later, So just click CONTINUE.
3-Get started_1-_Google

STEP 4: The set up will take you to follow friends/ people you know. You can do that at leisure later, So just click CONTINUE.
4-Get started_2-_Google

STEP 5: DO THIS STEP: SO WE CAN SEE WHO YOU ARE. Follow the Steps to ADD A FACE TO YOUR NAME. You can add the rest of the details later. Click on FINISH.  That was simple, wasnt it?
5-Get started_3-_Google

STEP 6: Click on JOIN to join me in my kitchen. WELCOME !
6-Google Hangouts

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This was the first session for the year 2012 and had a full batch of 8 foodies who came before 10 AM. I loved it! I have to give them full credit for working around their work and home schedules and leave on time and reach a place from distances to get to a class on cooking.  Thank you everyone for making it on time and I do hope my strick text messages on being punctual did not hurt anyone.

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This session was started after a year long break in cooking lessons. The set of people who came to attend the classes was an enthusiatic lot. A few working women, a few who work for themselves and a few with a few allergies and a few who dont eat eggs. All took time off from their work, their commitments and allergies to attend a class as they wanted to do something new. I was excited, wanted to please them all in the little space - my kitchen.

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