Make Your Dinner In 5 Minutes With The Authentic Taste From Thailand

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Thai Cuisine is a favorite at Indian homes, primarily because it is packed with flavors from the lemon grass, basil and spices along with coconut milk. Thai cuisine is also one of the few Asian cuisines that use an abundance of vegetables making it very light and friendly to the palate. But not every time, it becomes easy for us to make exotic meals at home. 

Just when we were thinking, how can one make it easy for people to try out cuisines from across the world, we came across IFB's minute meals, which we believe is the first of its kind in India, where you simply have to heat the packet for 4 to 5 minutes in the microwave and the dish is ready to eat - what we call it as a TV Meal. Perfect for those days, when you don't want to cook, but simply catch a good movie along with some great food.

The IFB ready meals lived up to the taste, texture, and spice. It was just a heat & eat complete meal which instantly transported us to enjoy the culinary brilliance of Thai Chefs.

We sampled three of their products and loved the way each one of was packed. It came frozen and there was no spillage. A plain simple and clean box, packed with flavors. It contained no MSG & no preservatives and comes in perfect portion size just for one person. All we had to do was microwave the boxes as per the instructions for about 4 to 5 minutes and the food was ready! The three dishes were packed with the original flavors left has feeling light and satisfied. 

1. Fried Rice with Chestnuts

This box of fried rice was packed with a tasty vegan thai rice steamed to perfection with an authentic balance of garlic and spring onion. We loved the way it had a lot of vegetables, that tastes fresh and had all the flavors from the Thai Cuisine.

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2. Thai Red Curry with Jasmine Rice

This box had perfectly cooked sticky Jasmine Rice that was bubbling with flavors along with the traditional vegan Thai curry. It had a delicious balance of flavours, packed with vegetables along with soy protein and that hint of sweetness from pineapple tingled our taste buds.

IFB Minute Meals 18w

3. Asian Fried Noodles

I was so surprised of how a noodles in a box that had a small sachet of the sauce to be mixed into it, transported us to Thailand. It had an authentic style and taste of the Asian fried noodles with a carefully handpicked mixture of nutritious vegetables. The texture of the noodles was perfectly cooked in spite of it frozen and then reheated! 

IFB Minute Meals 36

You must give these IFB Minute Meals a try. It makes a great meal for those "Do Nothing TV Night Dinners."

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