5 Knives Every Home Chef Must Own For Easy Cooking

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Everyday cooking involves planning, prepping and execution. One task that is mostly never skipped every time we make food in kitchen is chopping vegetables, greens, fruits or meat. We need to be very well equipped with kitchen tools to efficiently perform prepping. Right tools to perform every part of prepping is a necessity to function smoothly.

Cutting onion needs much effort & pressure, while chopping a strawberry needs a different angle & pressure of knife. Most of the women master these skills with practice and pertinence. It would be so great if we use the right knife to cut a right vegetable or slice meat. Here are 5 must have knives in kitchen. Being particular in using knives is an art that needs to be mindfully cultivated once you have them on your countertop. We have explained the uses of each type of knife such that an apt type is picked up every time you have a specific ingredient to prep and chop.

Chef’s knife

Chef’s knife is a versatile tool which can be used in most tasks of chopping vegetables, dicing, slicing or mincing. Just make sure that your chef’s knife is sharp to effortlessly gliding into anything you chose to cut.

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 chefs knife

Utility knife

Utility knife is best used for coring fruits and vegetables, slicing a sandwich or cookie dough or a dough like it. This knife is best used to slice tomatoes and chop them. Since it has serrated edge, it can slice into the skin of tomato which is difficult to slice with chef’s knife.

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Paring knife

Paring knife is a smaller tool that can be used to slice through smaller fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes or small gourds. They can also be used to peel thinner skins like apples, potatoes, orange or lime. Due to its sharp tip, the paring knife is used to perform closer works like removing the stem of strawberry, deveining a shrimp, taking out the seeds out of chilly and capsicum.  

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Cheese knife

Hollow design of specialised cheese knife helps in digging into blocks of cheese without letting the cheese stick to the tool. You can also cut whole eggs, puddings and sticky halwas and similar desserts in this knife. The smooth tip helps to glide and spread the soft cheese or other semi solid food easily.

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cheese knife


Cleaver Knife

Cleaver knife is a tool used mainly to cut meat especially when the meat is around the bone. This is one of the hardy knives and can be used to chop anything with thick outer layer, like ash gourd, pumpkin or mince meat and vegetables. You can also transfer veggies or meat from the chopping board to the pan easily due to the flat base of cleaver. Make sure you avoid using this knife for precision slits and slices, or any prepping that needs to be done by holding food in hand.

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cleaver knife


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