5 Different Ways To Detox Yourself

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Eating out, attending parties or hosting few, especially when you are a foodie- might add in significant amount of heaviness and laze to the body. This is usually due to over consumption of nutrition than the body requires. This laze and heaviness affects most to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise, by having a cautious eye on what they consume everyday. The need to get all the over loaded proteins and fat out of our body gets shown in the decreased ease to perform normal activities of the day, or eruption on skin, or gastritis. Also, it is good for the body to go through the detox routine once in a month just to keep our bodies rejuvenated and fresh.

In a way to look at it, detox is not a process of a day or two, but we also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a balanced body. Having said that, we always need a way out when we feel an immense need to feel light by undergoing detoxification. We have found out different ways to detox. Take a look:


Drinking a lot of water is the first step you can take towards detoxifying body. Urination is a natural mechanism of throwing out unnecessary compounds from within. The more water you drink, it reduces pressure on kidney since water dilutes the compounds being filtered from the circulation. Also, more water helps in solubility of nutrients in digestive system and eases bowel movement. You can have infused water, by adding lemon, kiwi, ginger or cucumber as in Lemon Cucumber Detox Water.

Fiber & antioxidant rich foods

The gut is where the additional fats and proteins get stored initially. Try driving them out through enough fiber-rich foods like flax seeds, chia seeds, banana, banana stem etc. Antioxidant rich berries, spinach, tomatoes, salmon fish, tuna fish, almonds, carrots, apples help in rejuvenating body cells after a day of fruit juice fasting or when you intake regularly everyday in small amounts as a part of daily diet. Make sure you pair the detoxifying ingredients rather mindfully Here are a few fiber & antioxidant rich recipes that can be a part of daily diet.

Smoothies & drinks

Smoothies, especially green smoothies with a mix  of vegetables and fruits are beneficial in detoxifying the body. This is achieved through the fiber and the vitamins in smoothies and herb drinks. Try replacing a meal, or having a smoothie for mid day or evening snack. Here are a few detoxifying drinks that you can try. 

Probiotic foods

There are simpler ways to keep the gut healthy, by eating probiotic foods. Probiotic foods like natural yogurt (with lactobacillus), pickles (specifically pickled under sun), kimchi, spirulina or blue green algae, kefir and buttermilk have natural mechanism to free our body from accumulated toxins. these probiotic foods should be a part of our daily diet to stay away from accumulation of toxins. Here are few probiotic recipes that you can try.

Fast & Rest

When you have had an overdose of food and work or a lethal combination of both, fasting for a day with natural fruit & vegetable juices with no added sugar helps. Try not to prolong this diet beyond a day since you might fall short of holistic need of your body. Best is to do fasting on weekends or when you can rest it out. Sleep for straight 8-9 hours after the fast in you can see yourself fresh and ready to take on anything you want to work on! 

Also, there is no alternative to exercise. Burn out calories by going through a rigorous routine of work out. It could be brisk walk, a long jog or gym. You can even sweat out with sauna along with it. You could do household chores like cleaning and mopping. You will feel so much energized after a hard work out and a rejuvenating long bath. Stay hydrated always, with intermittent foods as per your workout schedule.

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