The Best Mixer Grinder For A Small Indian Kitchen

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Mixer grinder's are one of the most important kitchen appliances which every Indian kitchen must have.The use case in a Indian kitchen is more than just making a milk shake or a smoothie. We use mixer grinders for making idli dosa batter, tomato puree, milk shakes, juices, chutneys, spice powders and much much more. If you have a small kitchen, you would want to optimize on the  storage and counter space and keep it clutter free.

Buying a mixer grinder isn't a life-altering experience, but there are so many in the market that it is important we make the right choice to suit the small Indian kitchen needs. Here are some of the top things to look for when buying a mixer grinder or a blender.

  1. Does it have a jar to make smoothies, to make small quantity chutney and also to make spice powder?
  2. What is the wattage/horsepower of the motor
  3. How many controls are available to control your blending?
  4. What material is the jar made of?

While scouting around, we found Prestige Racer Mixer GrinderThe best part of the grinder was it was a single all purpose jar and had made it optimal for a small indian kitchen. The mixer grinder comes with with 3 modular lids that let you do all kinds of grinding from juices, making idli dosa batter, chutney and spice powder. It has a powerful motor of 500 watts, 50 Hz  power combined with specially designed 8- spoke octopus blades which makes the grinding very efficient. The jar is a 1500 liter jar and is stainless steel, very easy to maintain for everyday use.

Below are the tests we did and found that it passed all the tests for the things we typically do in an everyday kitchen. And it absolutely passed it and we highly recommend that if you have a small Indian kitchen, and want to make your kitchen clutter free, then the Prestige Racer Mixer Grinder is the one you should buy.

1 - Wed Grinder Lid - Mango Puree For Mango Shrikhand

This was simple, added in the chopped mangoes and used the wet grinder lid and pureed the mangoes into a fine puree. The motor is very efficient and powerful. It took just a few seconds to puree the whole mangoes into a smooth mixer. We also made idli dosa batter using this lid and the results was brilliant. There is always one thing you have to keep in mind when using mixer grinders, is that you must never over load them. Fill to only little more than half of the jars capacity and ensure there is enough room for movement to grind well.

Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 8
Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 9

2 - Chutney Grinder Lid - Cashewnut Paste

Here is a fantastic result of a very small quantity of cashewnuts that we ground to a smooth paste. Notice in the jar, that the amount of cashewnuts was just a small quantity. We added just a little water that was required and the result was brilliant. The powerful motor along with the 8- spoke octopus blades made it easy to grind a very small quantity of the cashew nuts.

Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 12
Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 13
Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 20

3 - Dry Grinder Lid - Garam Masala Powder

The last and final test was to use the third lid for dry grinding. We love making fresh masalas at home and it brings great flavors to food. So here we added once again all the dry spices into the jar and the result was perfect. In a few churns of the blade, at 2 speed the masalas was ground to perfection.

Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 22
Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 29 3
Prestige Race Mixer Grinder Review 3 In One Jar 32 4

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