The Ultimate Guide To A Fun Picnic!

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Any time is perfect time to have a fun day out with the family, but picnics during summers have got to be our favourite. The luscious green parks, the glorious sun, the chirping birds et al, make summers beautiful, and a season to look forward to. Picnics with family at this time are the most fun. The elders can choose to relax and get some much needed break, and the kids can play to their hearts' content.

But what makes picnics all the more exciting is a basket filled with lip smackingly delicious food!

So we are sure we have already got you all revved up about having your own picnic outing very soon, also we are here to make sure you have one amazing day with your loved ones, just enjoying. More Love and More Laughter is what we wish for you!

So what makes for a complete picnic, you may ask. Making this a smooth event for you, we have put together a list of things that are a complete must for any fun picnic outing!

1. Picnic Basket

A picnic basket is a no brainer when it comes to picnic. It is a convenient way to store and carry all the food and other required items without having to worry about misplacing any of the items. They are all compactly and neatly packed in a single place.

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picnic BASKET


2. Foldable Mat

A foldable mat comes in very handy irrespective of your picnic spot. It is portable and can be carried easily without any hassles and is enough for a family of 4-5. 

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foldable mat


3. Serving Platters 

Fully biodegradable serving platters are the best bet when it comes to picnics. Nobody wants to wash utensils on a day out, or take them dirty back home. Also biodegradable means environment friendly too. Win Win in every way!

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serving platter


4. Containers

Good quality storage containers are needed for all the food one is planning to carry for a picnic. This also keeps the food from getting mixed and keep everything neatly organised.

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5. Recreational Activities

A picnic is an ideal time to let go off all the worries and work pressure and just have a great time with the family. Sports, outdoor fun games or board games, whatever floats your boat, be sure to carry some games along for a fun time and bonding session with the kids.

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6. Paper Napkins

As silly as it may seem, but paper napkins are an absolute necessity! Be it to clean your hands, clean a mess, or your face, these come in handy when things get messy!

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7. Picnic Friendly Foods

Last but most definitely not the least, food items that you can carry for the picnic. We have listed down a few travel friendly dishes that are super delicious but at the same time are not too messy to carry along.


Vegetable Sandwich Recipe with Mashed Avocado and Cottage Cheese 1 


Palak Paneer Khati Roll High Protein Spinach Cottage Cheese Wraps 2                                                                                                                                   


Palak Paratha Recipe Spinach Flat Bread 1     

Tea Cakes

Strawberry Chocolate Loaf Cake