4 Super Healthy Trail Mixes You Can Make For The Perfect Snack On The Go

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We are often found in a fix, when planning meals ! What shall we make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Then comes the most challenging of them all, snacks. We want to provide our family with wholesome nutritious meals that taste great without compromising on anything, be it the taste or the nutrients required. 

Here is one such snack that is great to be served in the evenings, once the kids are back from school, or when the the adults return back home from a hard day's work to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

Trail mixes, are absolutely simple to make. Essentially made with granola, that made sweet or savoury with some nuts, that is typically had a sa snack or many a times even as breakfast.  Needless to say, a homemade trail mix, is always appreciated, compared to a store bought one. 

There is no specific way to make it. customise it to your liking, be it sweet or savoury.  Pre decide the ingredients, have them bought in advance, and get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty. 

Make your trail mixes based on the family's preference of ingredients. These trail mixes, can be eaten  as it as a snack, while on a road trip or even when your backpacking or simply carry it in your handbag/laptop bag to gorge on, instead of indulging in some unnecessary junk. 

You could even serve it for breakfast long with some warm or cold milk, based on your liking or a bowl of yogurt with some fruits and the trail mix, makes a super healthy breakfast option. 

Use ingredients like, nuts almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts or seeds like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, sesame seeds. If you like it sweet add in apricots, dried black grapes, honey, jaggery or savoury like herbs, chilli flakes salt and pepper.  

You can make it really with various permutations and combinations, sky's the limit. 

So wait, no more, take a look at our trail mixes and whip them up in your kitchen as well.