Easy, Quick And Healthy Dals To Include In Your Daily Meals

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The one dish which is prepared in almost every Indian home is the Dal (Lentils). It is considered as the backbone of Indian meal that also acts as a good source protein. In addition to Protein, dals are a good source of minerals such as potassium and magnesium which are key to bone and muscle health. Making a good dal comes with practice and there is nothing better than a delicious dal which makes a great accompaniment to most of the Indian meals. Many types of dals are available in Indian market, with each one having its own nutritional benefit. 

When it comes to its taste and the method of preparation, every regional cuisine in India has its own way of cooking it. From Rajasthan, Gujarat to South India, each region comes with its own speciality and spices that go into making the dal delicious. 

We have lined up some easy, quick and delicious dals which you can include in your daily meals. Have a look at them here: