Everyday Meal Plate: Huli Soppu Saaru, Chow Chow Pasiparuppu Poriyal, Rice & More

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A simple wholesome meal for your everyday lunch is all you need to keep mood high for the day. Cooking healthy food and using the right technique to cook them is very crucial. If food is processed a lot then it automatically will lose it benefits and all you have will just a lot of carbs going into your body. So it is very necessary to monitor the ingredients that is very important for your diet to keep you fit and healthy. At Archana's kitchen we daily come up up with simple meals that will help you balance out your worry on what to prepare everyday. 

In today's meal plate we have a simple rice meal plate with Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe which is Karnataka Style Sambar with Mixed Greens, Chow Chow Pasiparuppu Poriyal Recipe which is a Chayote Squash and Moong Stir fry. Prepare steamed rice for these and have some curd, grated carrot salad on the sides. You can also have a roasted papad that can help flavour up your taste buds after every bite.

1. Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe

Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe

Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe is a traditional Karnataka Style sambar made using a mix of greens. We have used fresh spinach, fenugreek leaves and amaranth for this recipe. The freshly ground sambar masala adds a rustic flavour to the dish. Huli Soppu Saaru Recipe is also known as Ulsoppu in many regions of the state of Karnataka. It is a perfect accompaniment for the Mudde (Ragi Balls) as well as steamed rice. 

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2. Chow Chow Pasiparuppu Poriyal Recipe

Chow Chow Pasiparuppu Poriyal Recipe

Chow Chow Pasiparuppu Poriyal Recipe is a simple to cook stir fry with chayote squash and moong dal. The delicate flavours of the chayote squash amalgamates very well with the crunchy moong dal and freshly grated coconut. Chayote squash is high in fibre and had negligible amount of calories making it diabetic friendly. It also a great source of trace minerals which is required to maintain a healthy metabolic rate in the human body, hence helps in weight loss. This is a quick and delicious stir fry recipe you can cook in no time.

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3. Steamed Rice

STeamed rice

A simple homecooked bowl of steamed rice can be our zone of comfort when we have had a long tiring day. Indulge in a bowl full of steamed rice to devour with the above mentioned side dishes for rice.

4. Curd


Prepare curds in advance. You can easily prepare curd by adding a bit of culture to the pasteurized milk and keeping it for a few hours without disturbing.

5. Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad with Lemon and Coriander Recipe

Carrot Tomato Cucumber Salad

Carrot Tomato Salad is delicious and simple salad made with grated carrots and a lemon coriander dressing. A great starter salad to introduce to children. You can make many variations to this recipe, by adding finely chopped cucumber, pomegranates, chopped apples, green chillies or event steamed lentils.

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6. Roasted Papad

roast a papad

Slowly roast papad on low flame, or in microwave, to get uniformly roasted papads to complete this meal.