Everyday Meal Plate: Makhana Aur Matar Sabzi, Kadhi Bari, Tawa Paratha, Rice & Salad

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Meal plates are the ideas that we bring to you to time and again since there are innumerable combinations of recipes that can happen and we handpick those popular and favourite ones which make it a best pairing for main course. Bihari cuisine is known for its delicious recipes with use of panch phoron masala and whole spices that are featured in many side dishes that make everyday meals.

This time, we have brought to you the lotus seeds and peas sabzi, cooked in Bihari Style and a popular Kadhi bari, which is again from the Bihari cuisine that is made with yogurt as base, to pair with the main meal of paratha and rice. We have simple Indian vegetable salad to complete the meal plate.

1.Bihari Makhana Aur Matar Sabzi Recipe

Snow white makhana and green and fresh peas come together to create this flavourful dish. Spices like garam masala powder, red chilli powder, pounded cloves, coriander powder and a bit of kalonji give a nice taste to the recipe. This is a dry sabzi recipe and goes along well with phulkas or tawa parathas.

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2. Kadhi Bari Recipe

Kadhi Bari Recipe is popular dish from the state of Bihar. Kadhi is a yogurt based stew made with mixing yogurt and gram flour and tempered with few aromatic spices. Bari's are the pakoda's or fritters added into this Kadhi while boiling. The bari's are traditionally fried, however we have made a healthier version by preparing it in a paniyaram pan, which soaks less oil.

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3. Tawa Paratha

Tawa paratha made with whole wheat flour, a bit of oil or ghee, kneaded to a pliable consistency and then rolled out on a floured countertop. Prepare these parathas on heated tawa till the brown spots appear and is cooked from both the sides by flipping regularly.


4. Steamed Rice

Steamed rice is a comfort food that is prepared in no time.

Steamed rice

5. Salad

We have used a few sliced cucumbers as salad. You can also have carrots, tomatoes and more instead.