Dinner Meal Plate : Punjabi Style Tinda Sabji With Takatla Palak and Phulkas

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Make a delicious, healthy and simple meal plate this week for your family. We have different meal plates coming every week where we try to make recipes from different cuisines, so this time we are back with a simple plate filled with delicious recipes which you can make for your weekday lunch or dinner

In today’s meal plate we have included Punjabi Style Tinda Sabzi which is a spicy and flavourful dish spiced with different masalas. We have also added a healthy dish od Takatla Palak in which palak/spinach is cooked in a buttermilk gravy. They are accompanied by phulka, steamed rice, sliced cucumber and sliced tomatoes.

Plan your day to day meals by following our menu list for today:

1.Punjabi Style Tinda Sabji

Tinda is a versatile vegetable, and in this recipe we have cooked this humble tinda in familian Indian spices. Do give this recipe out a try and you will never say no to tinda ever again. 

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Punjabi style Tinda

2. Takatla Palak

Takatla Palak Recipe is a typical Maharashtrian recipe where spinach (palak) is cooked in a buttermilk gravy. This simple, slightly tangy curry served with rice is comforting not only in the hot summer months but all year round. 

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Takatla Palak

3. Phulka

A hand kneaded wheat based bread prepared by cooking on direct flame that enables it to puff into a balloon, makes it a light bread for your meals. 

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Phulka Roti

4. Steamed Rice

The staple meal of any Indian meal and very easy to make. 

Plain Rice Steamed

5. Sliced Cucumber and Tomatoes

It is important to include salads as part of your diet as it adds to the quantity of dietary fibre that is required for each person. Salads keep your stomachs full for a longer time as the ingredients are not cooked, there by taking a longer time to digest.