Monsoon in India has brought in cloudy weather in many parts of the country despite it rains or not. It is very cheerful for everyone when the first rains fall and then, gradually, the enthusiasm reduces with increasing frequency of pours. Weekends might get less exciting when you have to look up the sky to access the possibility of rain, every time you decide to go out. Monsoon food, fritters and warmth of freshly cooked meals smell divine and sounds welcoming during these days.

Desserts are comforting recipes after spicy lunch or light dinner. Desserts are an unexpected craving during any time of the day for dessert lovers. Various cakes, tarts, ice creams, cookies, pastries, custard and sweet preparations are considered as dessert. A majority of them are high in calorie and fat content. But the unused fats gradually get accumulated as obesity and people with idle fats are easily tired to do everyday chores.

What comes to your mind when we say Mughlai food, which is one of the most popular Indian cuisines around the world. Its richness, right? The richness of its food comes from the use of exotic spices, dry fruits and nuts which were used back then in the kitchen of the royal Mughal emperors to prepare their food. Many states from North India specially Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have inspired from the Mughal Empire when it comes to the food. It even represents the cooking style used in Hyderabad, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rajasthan has a rich heritage of royal bloodline and the Rajasthani cuisine is inspired by war zone foods and kingly foods. Usage of high dairy products and less water is seen, owing to the state’s arid climate. Milk, buttermilk or ghee are included in almost all the Rajasthani recipes. Use of bajra, gram flour, jowar, can be observed widely. Rajasthani thali is generously spiced and garnished. Honouring guests is a part of their culture and they regard it as a high value to be a perfect host.

Are you feeling hungry and want to have a delicious 3-course meal?  Italian Cuisine is one among our favourites because of their easy and simple to cook recipes and relished by many. Here is an interesting Italian menu - get ready with some pasta, cheese, bread and vegetables and you will have soup, starter, main course and dessert. Try these recipes and enjoy your night with wonderful Italian delicacies.

We have all had those moments of panic when the doorbell rings and we open the door only to face the totally unexpected guests. If there’s Murphy’s Law equivalent for entertaining, it will say Guests will arrive when you least expect them and don’t have anything at home to serve them. You don’t have any provisions or fresh vegetables in the house and unexpected guests do drop by and your innate hospitality of “Atithi Devo Bhava” won’t allow you to get away without feeding them the best. Even if it is a surprise party you will still need to make sure you entertain and serve them with food and fun. You have hardly any time to go shopping or even order food from outside. These situations call for creative thinking and right action to step up smartly. So we have explored for some easy solutions to the problems.

Garlic have been used for ages in many countries, the vegetable is low in calories which are flavourful and also contains amazing health benefits. We all love the aroma of roasted garlic that crosses our nose, it makes us feel hungry and stimulates our taste buds. It can instantly make the dish tasty by adding few cloves. Garlic has been used continuously till date because of its health benefits and definitely its flavor and the best part it you can have them in its raw form too.

Cucumber is widely used as a salad in many households and it becomes a little boring and repetitive to eat it raw every time. But did you know this versatile vegetable not only makes a cool and refreshing summer treat but can also be used in different dishes. It can be used in sandwiches, salads, gravy vegetable dishes, dry vegetable dishes, cocktails, smoothies, soups, dals and many more. No matter how you use it, it always makes the dish even more tasty.

We all get reminded about Masala Dosa, idli, vada when we talk about Tamilnadu Cuisine, but there is a lot more than idly, vada, dosa, and sambar. The food is very and will make your taste buds go crazy. In Tamil Nadu has a lot of sub-cuisine in them like Karaikudi, Chettinad, and kongunadu.

The combination of vegetables, dry spices and coconut is to die for! The rich taste, flavour and the aroma of these coconut based gravies can make anyone hungry. Coconut based gravies are majorly made in South Indian and Goan households and are served along with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. The Coconut gravies are either made with the use of fresh grated coconut or coconut milk. Coconut milk is made by mixing the grated fresh coconut with water and then the milk is squeezed through a cheesecloth.

Soups are commonly enjoyed before a meal as an appetizer - it is a liquid food where we cook the meat or vegetables in water and add few spices to them to give a good flavor. Soup is an important dish to a meal; like salads, soup also has many health benefits that do good to our body. Few even follow a diet where they just consume soup which is a healthy diet that can be followed, it might sound difficult but it works out pretty well. 

Gluten is a composite of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and other closely-related species. Though wheat stands next to maize and rice as staple food of the world, some health problems arising due to its gluten content cannot be overlooked. Long term consumption might bring gluten-related disorders like coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity and certain allergies relating to digestion and skin. Gluten-free diet improves general digestion and avoids the possible effects of gluten-containing foods.

The newlywed couple needs to work together in the kitchen to achieve harmony. Daily chores go on smoothly only when all members of the family work in sync. Too busy in studies and career, young women might be aware of basics of cooking and might want to learn more once everyday cooking begins. Also, this Aadi masam/ Ashaada maasa* could be tough time for South Indian grooms having blessed with pro cooks as wife. Now that the new wife is off to her parents’ place, it could be tough to cook just about anything like in bachelor days. It is always good for amateur cooks to try new recipes and get perfect with their cooking skills and get used to cooking.

Potatoes are considered to be the best comfort food for all let it be in any form, a lot of us simply indulge in them. Potatoes are a staple food in many countries and is consumed in very large quantity all around the world. It is a vegetable which is easy to store and use and one can easily whip up a quick dish out of potatoes and serve them immediately when we have sudden guests over.

Yogurt is a favorite dairy product for most of us. You can have a yogurt plain or you can whip it along with fruits or sweeteners by spoon of sugar or honey to it. Yogurt is produced by fermenting milk with a starter culture like Lactobacillus bulgaricus or Lactobacillus casei. These beneficial bacteria are known as probiotics that are known to improve digestion and prevent common gastrointestinal disorders. Read more about the benefits

Someone has rightly said, “The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you are hungry again” and you can’t just resist that craving. It’s a fact that everyone loves Italian food, whether he/she is a kid or an adult. From Pizza, Pastas to Soups, this cuisine offers such a wide variety of food which is absolutely delicious. Traditionally, Italian cuisine includes ingredients like breads, tomatoes, all kinds of meat, fish and cheese and the combinations of these food items are just amazing.

So let's make cooking for just one exciting. This week, we have an exiting and yet simple menu that you can whip up in 45 minutes with a little planning. Apart from the Carrot Pulao, Raita and the Bean Sprout Salad, you have not just added the vegetables, but also the vitamins and protien to make a complete meal. And what is most fun is the treat that we can give ourselves once a week with a Fruit Trifle. So go ahead, make the recipe for yourself and if there are leftovers, dont forget to take it to school/ college or work and share it with your friends.

Every child needs a gentle and strong hand to hold while they grow, a person who recognizes, supports, and compliments the learning process of the growing child; a person who helps to re-learn when the child falters; a human who sees through the Childs’ misdeeds and guides them to the right path ahead; an idol whom the kids eventually would look up to, when in troubled waters. Every third Sunday of June is meant for that God sent member of the family as the world celebrates father’s day to rejoice the contribution of fathers and the father figures who takes up the responsibility of the family and contribute monetarily and morally to help in bringing up their kids the right way.

No one can say no to a pizza because it is everyone’s favourite. Right? Well, this Italian export has endless options, from different types of crusts to endless toppings to choose from. The taste of this dish is just incredible, as it is made with the delectable combination of dough, sauce, herbs and cheese. Nobody can resist it after smelling the aroma of a fresh pizza and the molten cheese on it.

Pulao or Pilafs are the wholesome dishes that combines energy-rich rice with vegetables, pulses, dried fruits, meat, or seafood. Pulao is a famous and most common inclusion in many cuisines of Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean etc. Various types of this one-pot meal are included in literary works of 10th century. Ancient Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana also have mentions of pulao.

Salads are a willing inclusion within any menu of the meals filled with spices. Salads help in toning down the spiciness and pungency of the food that we take in as appetizers and part of main course recipes. Many salads include vegetables, fruits, sprouts and some also include ingredients like pre-cooked pasta or noodles. With different kinds of dressings from vinaigrette to simple sesame dressing and orange dressing, the salads also mildly titillate our taste buds and make us love the part of the meal that lies ahead when had with the spicy bites. Salads are also looked forward as one meal during dinner time for people on a strict diet, any special requirement and weight reduction programs.

Is it necessary for us to have a date to enjoy our weekend? Not necessarily rather we can do something that we like than taking your date out for a dinner and taking him or her to a movie. Treating yourself would be even more relaxing and enjoyable and it would be even more interesting if you are going to dine at your home itself. You should celebrate your independent night for yourself and do what you want. Have your favorite wine and eat your most favorite dish which you always want to cook and eat all by yourself. Here is a sample of what you can cook for yourself on a cozy weekend.

Chettinad is a cuisine from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu and considered as one of the spiciest and aromatic cuisines of Indian owing to the extensive usage of freshly ground whole spices. Star anise and Kalpasi (Black stone flower/ kala patthar phool) are the spices included in many recipes which provides a distinct aroma to the Chettinad food. A variety of sun-dried meat, salted and preserved vegetables are used in the Chettinad recipes since the Chettinad region falls in the dry zone. Fish, prawns, crab, chicken and lamb are consumed in different blends of spicy gravies and dry blend of spices.

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramadan is the festival of Muslims which is celebrated by them during the ninth month of their Islamic Calendar. During the festival, observers of Islam all around the world do fasting and break their fast after the sunset with some lip smacking delicacies. From Dawn to sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinking any kind of liquid. Meals are served before sunrise which is called as Suhoor and after Sunset it's called as Iftar. Everybody in the family or in the local community gathers and break their fast together.