Call It A Night With Monsoon Soup Dinner Party

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Monsoon in India has brought in cloudy weather in many parts of the country despite it rains or not. It is very cheerful for everyone when the first rains fall and then, gradually, the enthusiasm reduces with increasing frequency of pours. Weekends might get less exciting when you have to look up the sky to access the possibility of rain, every time you decide to go out. Monsoon food, fritters and warmth of freshly cooked meals smell divine and sounds welcoming during these days.

How does an idea of this weekend night dinner appeal to you with soups, tortilla and apt sides including healthy salad and low fat dessert? This recipes of monsoon night dinner party will lift your spirits from the gloomy weathered rainy days and provide you nutritious meal without being hard on digestion. Treat your taste buds with warmth and caress your stomach with easily digested and healthy dinner recipes for an awaiting fresh morning next day.

Monsoon Soups

These recipe ideas of monsoon soups have been handpicked to make it filling, nutritious and warm. Guacamole Soup is a Spiced Avocado Soup Recipe made with garlic, onion, coriander, jalapenos and vinegar, majorly. Tomato noodle soup is a comforting food that combines deliciousness of tomato soup with onions and noodles. Cumin Spiced Potato And Leek is a hearty soup has fewer ingredients, easy recipe and is healthy as well.

Chinese noodle soup combines filling hakka noodles, veggies and Chinese flavors to make it tasting tantalizing. Garlic and Mushroom Soup Recipe is perfect winter soup bursting with earthy flavors of garlic and the mushrooms. Roasted Red Pepper and Pumpkin Soup has a sweet flavor and the crunchiness of the carrot is a wonderful contrast to the juicy softness of the pumpkin.


Accompaniments like nachos, garlic bread and vegetable sticks provide a crunch when sided with soup. Try these Homemade nachos recipe which is a Mexican delight that can be prepared easily and provides a nice crunch to the meal. Garlic bread is the best known side with soups. These Oven Baked Sweet Potato (Shakkark and/Ratala) fries are a great healthy alternative to Potato fries and make nice accompaniment with soups. Potatoes, Zucchini, Carrots sticks are coated with flavorful spices and baked in the oven to make these crispy on the outside and tender inside Healthy Vegetable Fries.


This vibrant Sun Dried Tomato Penne Pasta Salad with fresh flavours straight from the Mediterranean is perfect for a filling soup night dinner. The Sweet Potato & Green Bean Salad Recipe is a wholesome salad that you can make in a jiffy. When you have some pre-cooked beans in the fridge this Mixed Beans Salad could be prepared in just a few minutes.


Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe is a simple to make low-fat dessert that can be made with fresh strawberries, hung curd (greek yogurt), honey and mint. Black Currant Dates Kheer or Payasam is a nutritious sweet pudding, made by mixing dates, currants and dry fruits in coconut milk. Fruit Cream is a popular guilt-free dessert made in coconut cream base.