12 Best Healthy Vegetarian Pasta and Pizza Recipes For Your Next Party

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Italian cuisine is famous for its lasagne, pasta, salad, and pizzas.Making Pasta follows an extrusion process through which either wet or dry pasta are made and pasta comes in more than 300 forms and shapes. Pasta is either cooked alone and served with sauce or condiment, or as a part of soup-type recipes, or incorporated into baking dishes along with other queues of ingredients to make various recipes from pasta. Pizza is usually cooked on an open or closed bread platform with sauce, cheese, and vegetables or meat.

Many of the pizza recipes have drool-worthy cheeses in them. while various kinds of cheese and gluten-containing ingredients are used, different spices, greens, and meat are all the part of diverse recipes. Pizza is usually oven or tawa baked with mozzarella cheese to achieve the pull apart effect. Pasta is a noodle made from wheat dough and its by-products and contains mild to fiery spices and a variety of cheese to add to its flavor and texture. Additionally, vegetables and non-vegetarian ingredients are added to pasta.

There is always a way in which a healthier pasta and pizzas can be made by altering the ingredients and adding healthier ingredients to replace a few. Even by finding ways to cut down on the cheese that is added or adding lots of fresh and nutritious vegetables also could make your pasta or pizza healthy. We have made a list of such pizza or pasta recipes which are healthier to consume and tasty to be indulged again and again!

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