Health Benefits Of Dates & 15 Insanely Delicious Recipes That You Can Make With It

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Dates is a dessert fruit and is a hardy crop that can survive with very less available water for months. Earliest recorded history shows to have been originated from Iraq and the wine preparation with the dates, traces back to Egypt.

Though date is eaten alone as a fruit, it is also considered as one of the replacement ingredients for white sugar. Date syrup or paste is used to flavor milk, yogurt, butter or bread. There are also many delicious sweet and savory preparations that are cooked with dates. Dates is also an invariable inclusion in many of the recipes from Middle Eastern cuisine. This fruit of dessert has its own pack of health benefits on consumption. Let us have a glance at the health benefits of Dates.

1. Dates Are Energy Boosters

Natural sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose provide immediate energy when you need some. Keep a couple of dates in your bag such that you can munch on them when you need an energy dose to keep you going.

2. Dates Are Good For Digestive Tract

Rich soluble fibers in dates hold moisture and hence are good for bowel movement. Specifically, when the syrup is consumed from the dates soaked overnight, it has a proven laxative effect and relieves constipation. The potassium in it also reduces the loose motions and helps an upset stomach. Dates strengthen good bacteria in the digestive system.

3. Dates relieve hangovers

Syrup from the dates soaked overnight is said to relieve alcoholic hangovers and is energetic as well.

4. Dates Fight Disorders & Diseases

Dates have calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium which are all good for bones and teeth. Hence it reduces risks of osteoporosis. Iron and B complex improve blood and fight against anemia. Vitamin A and K help in reducing risk of night blindness. Dates is good for general recovery from injury and illness. Dates are also believed to avoid occurrence of abdominal cancer and stem the effects of seasonal allergies.

5. Dates Maintains Healthy Heart & Brain

Dates lowers the LDL or the bad cholesterol and hence reduces the risk of vessel blockages and maintains a healthy heart. Potassium in dates are good for the nervous system and helps in improving attentiveness and keeping the brain sharp.

6. Dates Keep Skin Supple

Owing to the presence of vitamins, specifically A and K, including dates in everyday diet keeps the skin healthy, elastic and thereby slows the ageing of skin. Dates syrup is known to purify blood and reduce the occurrence of pimples.

Below are the 15 recipes that are made with dates. Try them at home to reap the benefits of dates.