How Many Of These 21 Mouth Watering Mughlai Recipes Have You Tried?

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What comes to your mind when we say Mughlai food, which is one of the most popular Indian cuisines around the world. Its richness, right? The richness of its food comes from the use of exotic spices, dry fruits and nuts which were used back then in the kitchen of the royal Mughal emperors to prepare their food. Many states from North India specially Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have inspired from the Mughal Empire when it comes to the food. It even represents the cooking style used in Hyderabad, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Some of the popular dishes of Mughals are shorbas, biryanis, kebabs, kofta which have different variations with its unique flavour. These dishes are spicy and has a very unique aroma that makes everyone crave for Mughlai food more and more. Not only their taste, the names of these dishes are so royal and unique that everyone gets tempted to eat it.

So treat your friends and family with these lip smacking Mughlai recipes which you can easily cook in your kitchen with daily ingredients.