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Potatoes are considered to be the best comfort food for all let it be in any form, a lot of us simply indulge in them. Potatoes are a staple food in many countries and is consumed in very large quantity all around the world. It is a vegetable which is easy to store and use and one can easily whip up a quick dish out of potatoes and serve them immediately when we have sudden guests over.

Potatoes also known as aloo contain phytonutrients which help to promote health. Potatoes also contain a good amount of Vitamin C that acts as an antioxidant in our body. A lot of times we tend to consume potatoes in its unhealthy form like French fries, chips etc. but these forms of potatoes have a high amount of oil which may put you at high risk of cholesterol. Potatoes ideally should be boiled or baked and cooked mildly to obtain the nutrients from it which will benefit our health. Potatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous. The Vitamin B6 in potatoes helps to builds cells in your body and is a good cardiovascular protector.

With the potato being such core ingredient in our diet, how about enjoying them in 190 different ways. Go ahead click on the recipes below and start cooking.

Aloo Starter Recipes (Potato Appetizers)

Potato Starter Recipes

Aloo Gravy Recipes (Potato Curry Sabzi)

Potato Gravy Recipes

Aloo Dry Recipes (Potato Dry Sabzi)

Potato Dry Vegetable Recipes