Easy To Make South Indian Main Course Recipes for Beginners

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The newlywed couple needs to work together in the kitchen to achieve harmony. Daily chores go on smoothly only when all members of the family work in sync. Too busy in studies and career, young women might be aware of basics of cooking and might want to learn more once everyday cooking begins. Also, this Aadi masam/ Ashaada maasa* could be tough time for South Indian grooms having blessed with pro cooks as wife. Now that the new wife is off to her parents’ place, it could be tough to cook just about anything like in bachelor days. It is always good for amateur cooks to try new recipes and get perfect with their cooking skills and get used to cooking.

South Indian menu is a very popular choice for lunch or dinner. We have brought you a collection of South Indian Main Course recipes that will transform Maggie boys and sandwich girls to skillful everyday cooks. Typical South Indian meal consists of poori or chapati, rice, side dishes, accompaniments, and sweet. Side dish to steamed or boiled rice can have various forms like Kuzhambu/ gojju - sambar without dal, kootu - curry with vegetables, rasam which is made of strained vegetable or fruit, various veggie stir fry called poriyal, accompanied by different pachadis, sundal or chutney podi. Try these Easy To Make South Indian Main Course Recipes for Beginners and bring out the South Indian pro cook within you!

[*Aadi Masam/ Ashaada Maasa is a traditionally imposed month long separation practiced in many communities of Rainfed parts of South India towards July. Sending away the new bride to her native was a way of caring when there was strenuous sowing work during monsoon in groom’s house. This tradition has stayed on though the farm-based families have significantly reduced, unlike the past.]

Rice-Based Main Course Recipes:

Sambar/Kuzhambu/Pappu Recipes:

Rasam Recipes:

Curry/Kootu/Palya Recipes:

Sweet Recipes: