Know More About Tamil Nadu Cuisine And Its Traditional Recipes

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We all get reminded about Masala Dosa, idli, vada when we talk about Tamilnadu Cuisine, but there is a lot more than idly, vada, dosa, and sambar. The food is very and will make your taste buds go crazy. In Tamil Nadu has a lot of sub-cuisine in them like Karaikudi, Chettinad, and kongunadu.

Tamilnadu Cuisine uses a lot more of rice, lentils, vegetables, coconut and variety of spices. Let's not forget the filter Kaapi which is relished even by the foreigners all around the world. A cup of filter Kaapi can boost your energy and make you feel fresh.

When it comes to vegetarian food you should try eating the meal at an Iyer or Iyengar house who are very famous for South Indian Vegetarian meal. In the house of an Iyer family you will find the following dishes in your elai ( plantain leaf).;It is said that no one can cook Kootu so well than an iyer Veetu Mami.

Paruppu (dal),Sadam (rice);Curry( dry subzi cooked with coconut),Kootu;(vegetables cooked with dal),Sambar,;Rasam, Kuzhambu,;Pickle,;Appalam,Thogayal,Paruppu podi,Payasam

Tamil Nadu Cuisine also contains a lot of seafood as it is situated in Coastal Region. The Chettinad Cuisine which is popular for the non-vegetarian serves amazing and spicy non-vegetarian food. It is the spiciest and aromatic cuisine, and it is a great treat to non-vegetarian lovers. They have a variety of chicken, mutton and fish items. The famous Chettinad dishes are Pepper Chicken, Egg Masala, Kozhi Kuzhambu, Crab Curry, Puttu and lot more.

In Chettinad cuisine, their Sambar is very tangy and spicy. Let us not forget the biryani which is the specialty in Chettinad, the basmati rice cooked with meat and spices. The main thing here is they add some coconut milk to the rice so that the biryani tastes good and gets a new flavor.

Tamilnadu cuisine is also considered to cure many health problems, it's healthy food items include Jeera Rasam, Angaya Podi, Ellu Sadam, Koozh, Neer Mor and lot more in the list.

A Tamil Nadu meal is not fulfilled without rice and ghee, it is true that a Tamilian can't have a peaceful meal without a bowl of curd rice. Every Tamilian would dream of curd rice when they miss their home. They love it because of the way they prepare it. To a bowl of hot rice, you add fresh curd that is made at home after the rice cools down, you temper the rice mixture with mustard seeds, green chillies, and ginger. Give a good mix and add some salt, few even add dry fruits, pomegranates, and grapes which make the curd rice a bit sweet.

In addition to the above, the cuinse has amazing snacks that go good with a cup of masala tea or coffee like Masala Vada, Bajji, Pakora, Bonda

and sometimes for evening tiffin they also serve Rava dosa, Rava Idli, Vada sambar, Poori masala, Ghee Masala Dosa

And of course one cannot miss a South Indian Breakfast which has a combination of upma, kesari, pongal, chutney, idli, vada, sambar, dosa, and poori

If you are planning to have a Tamilnadu Cuisine feast at your home then here are Tamilnadu Cuisine recipes that you can try.