10 Snack Recipes You Can Whip Out To Impress Unexpected Guests

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There are days when guests or best friends drop in with a very short notice during evenings. Or they just surprise you by a phone call from right 2 blocks away from your home. To treat them for their lively visit becomes your sweet responsibility then. What if you can chat and make easy and quick Indian Snack recipes that need less than half hour?

You don’t have to part a family member to run outside to bring store brought snacks. Instead, you can ask them to engage the guests for some time such that you can do wonderful homemade quick snacks. Or you could chat while you prepare these quick to make snacks. Boiled and spiced vegetables, Fried lentil vadas, cut fruits and coffee, tea or smoothies can also be a great choice. We have here listed 10 Quick Indian snacks for unexpected guests that include fried, baked and assembled options from the ingredients that can be handy in most households.

Make that surprise evening-visit most memorable with these quick Indian snack recipes.