Breakfast Meal Plate : Konkani Style Phanna Doddak, Gotsu & Adrak Chai

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Indulge In the western coastal region cuisine of Karnataka for your morning Breakfast. The cuisine is most popularly called as Konkan Cuisine or  Malvani cuisine who share a part of their influence from Maharashtra and Goa. 

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It is the first dish that kick starts your day and if you have a meal full of flavour and nutrients it gives a happy start. On a day to day basis it is hard to decide on how to make your breakfast healthy and filling.Here we have come up with a Breakfast meal plate that will provide you with complete nutrition packed diet. This will help you to decide and prepare your everyday breakfast without any hassle.

In today's Breakfast Plate, we have Konkani Style Phanna Doddak Recipe (Tempered Dosa Recipe) which is one of their staple breakfast made with rice batter and added a twist by giving it a temper over the toasted pancakes. It is served with the authentic style Tomato Gotsu Recipe (Spicy & Tangy Tomato Gravy) which is nothing but a tomato curry that is sauteed with simple flavours and onions. The meal is then accompanied with some Chai and sliced pineapple to add crunch to the meal and nutrients as well. 

1. Konkani Style Phanna Doddak Recipe (Tempered Dosa Recipe) 

A delicious no fermentation Konkani style tempered dosa. Since the dosa batter doesn't need any fermentation, you can even prepare this for a quick breakfast. 

Konkani Style Doddak Recipe


2. Tomato Gotsu Recipe (Spicy & Tangy Tomato Gravy)

A quick and easy to make spicy and tangy tomato gravy you can prepare for a change as a breakfast accompaniment. It goes very well with the idli, dosa, and also pooris. 

Tomato Gotsu Recipe

3. Adrak Chai Recipe (Indian Style Ginger Tea )

 A spicy and delicious version of the Indian style tea that is flavored with freshly grated ginger. The tea leaves are brewed in water along with ginger and then simmered for a few seconds in milk.

Adrak Chai Recipe