Ragi Idli Milagai Podi Walnuts & Cheese (Kids Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas)

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The Ragi Idli Milagai Podi smeared along with Idli Milagai Podi and packed with Cheese & Walnuts makes is a quick and simple snack box. I make the Idli Milagai Podi at home, and make sure to add less chillies to it, so the kids can eat it along with idlis. This podi, makes their snack boxes less messy. But if you children like it with chutney, then you can smear the idlis with chutney or even jam to suit your child's preference.

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What the it has: 

- Carbohydrates and Protien from the Ragi Idlis gives energy to the children to help them sustain through the day

- Walnuts and cheese, provide the extra protein, vitamins and minerals to give them the required nutrition for growth and brain development

Lunch Box You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or other Steel Lunch Boxes