3 Coffee-based Recipes For National Coffee Day

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If you are the kind of person who cannot kickstart your day without a daily dose of java, today is your day! It's National Coffee Day celebrated annually on 29th September across the USA. It is a day to celebrate the much loved beverage that was originally a morning drink, but has gradually become the fuel that keeps people going. Through days at work, long nights at the desk, for that 4 o clock energy spike or even just after a meal to round things off.

Coffee comes in many different kinds, flavours, preparations. No matter what your preferences are, here are three recipes from Archana's Kitchen that use coffee as a base, to make three classics that are universally loved. Try these today and you will wish every day were Coffee Day!

1 - Chocolate Coffee Cake

Moist, fluffy, layered and combining two favourites -- coffee and chocolate -- this cake is a rich when slathered with the buttercream icing. Choose to ice it for a festive celebration or leave it plain and enjoy it as a tea-time snack! 

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2 - Cold Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Fortified with dates and oats along with crushed walnuts and topped with delicate chocolate shavings this chilled smoothie is a great mid-morning drink on a hot day, or a breakfast smoothie to kickstart a busy schedule.

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3 - Vegan Guilt Free Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Coffee, chocolate, guilt-free, gets whipped up in 5 minutes. Do you still need more reasons to convince you to try this silky smooth mousse?

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