How often do you get to attend an event by where the CEO of the company is there to speak to you and addresses an audience of bloggers and willing to answer all question on their products.

October 10th October, 2015, I was part of a meet by ITC Foods. The meet was called, ‘ITC Foods You Ask We Answer’, was aimed to introduce to us what all goes behind building successful food brands as well as provide an open platform to answer questions related to packed foods.

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Kitchenaid appliances are legendary and one cannot but drool over them. From the iconic Stand Mixer to an entire kitchen of high-performance appliances that are all created with the same attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless design.

Kitchenaid is the only appliance brand that only makes things for the kitchen, and they continue to keep pushing the limits with their products so you can keep doing the same with everything you create.

So this Diwali KitchenAid has some sparkling offers just for you.  Take a pick and gift yourself any one of these legendary appliances and why now - because they have a sparkling Diwali Offer just for you. Click here to see all the offers

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Take on the KitchenAid India Navratri Blogger Challenge here @ The Hub at Archana’s Kitchen, where you share traditional "Sweet Recipes & Fasting Recipes" that are usually made during these 9 holy days of Navratri. Contest - Closed

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WIN is the biggest Blogging Event in India, organized by @BlogAdda.  I am going to be a speaker and conducting a workshop on "What It takes To Make Your Blog Successful" . Join me as I takes you through my journey and give you all the tips and tricks of the trade. You must not miss this session. 

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Many of you have been following me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But I am now introducing you to my page on Yummly.

Yummly is an easy to use platform to share recipes, make collections of the recipes and the best part is you can easily find your “Yum” recipes. Additionally, you get to search and save recipes that you may want to cook later.

Below every image on Archana’s Kitchen, is a “Yum” Button.

  • Every time you visit a recipe, do take time to “Yum” the recipes by clicking on the button.
  • The more you “Yum”, the more recipes you add to your collection.
  • The more you “Yum”, the more number of people will get to see Archana’s Kitchens recipes and they will get to “Yum” them too

Here’s the link to Archana's Kitchen Publisher Page on Yummly. I am still building my Yummly page, so I would love it if you can “Yum” the recipes on the page too.

Thank you for taking time to share the recipes from Archana’s Kitchen across all social media. It is because of you, the tried and tested recipes are able to reach to the millions of users on the web.

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Vada pav is undoubtedly the Superhero of all snacks. It packs a punch in a small size, and is gastronomic adventure to the hilt. Who can resist the cocktail of flavours that run down your food pipe with an ecstasy in every bite! Little wonder then, that India’s most trusted QSR brand, Jumboking has dedicated its foundation day, as vada pav day, on 23rd August.

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I have a lot of gratitude for the few friends went an extra mile to get me an Invite for an event that one can't miss! That's the invite to meet Australian Master Chef George Calombaris at JW Marriott Bengaluru in association with Zomato and Gold Rush Entertainment. The event was Press Meet and tasting session with George where he had cooked up some great stuff. 

He also unveiled the George Calombaris Collection on Zomato with Pramod Rao, Director, International Operations at Zomato

I was so amazed by the humbleness of the world famous chef and the ease with which he connected with the audience. And simply loved his Australian accent.  It was fascinating to hear his experiences when he landed in Bengaluru and the host took him around for a jog in the morning and a breakfast at the famous Airlines hotel.

His description of the doughnut got us all into laughter! Oh yes, you must have got it right, its the Medu Veda that he dunked into sambar and called it a doughnut! He was totally thrilled and amused of these deep fried "Savory Doughnuts" as he called them. Its so neat, that he was so open to trying out something as local as it can get! 

George Calombaris along with two chefs who had accompanied him for the India travels had set up a 3 course tasting session for the press. 3 out of the two were non vegetarian. With a bit of hesitation, I whispered into the mic and asked if is he cooking up something for the vegetarians.  

And of course, he overheard it and brought out some amazing greek rolls with onion bajji as the stuffing!  The show stopped was the Rizogalo, Salted Caramel Rice Pudding with Almond Biscuit and Rice Ice Cream. This is something I am definitely going to recreate in my kitchen and share it with you.

1- The the most humbling part was to get served by the Chef Himself!

Meeting with Australian Master Chef George Calombaris 5

2 - Super Duper Delicious Greek Rolls with Onion Bajji :)

Meeting with Australian Master Chef George Calombaris 2

3 - Rizogalo, Salted Caramel Rice Pudding with Almond Biscuit and Rice Ice Cream

Meeting with Australian Master Chef George Calombaris 3

4 - If you are in Bengaluru, do check out the GC Collection of Restaurants

Meeting with Australian Master Chef George Calombaris 1

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CLOSED: Winner Announced!!  Is there seriously anything better than curling up with your favourite book, a cup of chai and your favourite monsoon snack, while it pours buckets outside your window? It’s that time of year, and we want to see your most innovative and exciting snacks! So put your thinking cap on and head to your kitchen to participate in this months The Hub @ Archana's Kitchen "The Monsoon Snack Recipe Challenge".  

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Welcome to The Hub @ Archana’s Kitchen, a space for you to showcase your recipes on Archana’s Kitchen by entering our blogging contests. Be a part of the growing Archana's Kitchen food community where we bond and cheer each other on. We are always looking out to work with like minded bloggers and build a virtual hub of food lovers and kitchen enthusiasts who share our interest in healthy, vegetarian cooking. And here’s your chance to join us! 

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[Closed]Enter a Twitter & Instagram contest by sharing a photo of a Healthy Grocery Basket that you shop for the day or the week. You can tweet or post on Instagram or use both to post a picture of your Healthy Grocery Basket. The picture can taken from your phone or your camera. When you share your healthy grocery basket picture, you could stand a chance to win a Rs.1000 Amazon Gift Voucher. Read the rules below and enter the contest now!

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For ages, there have been numerous myths about food. Some continue to haunt us till today, and some new myths have also emerged. Various research studies on the nutritional values and health benefits indicate that most food-related myths are trivial in their origins, and some even baseless. Another thing to remember is that apart from its nutritional value, foods also need to be enjoyed, cherished, and used as a medium of conversation and bonding. Most foods consumed in moderation do not harm the body - only excess does. So here are some myths that may have confused us, but not anymore. 

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Growing up watching TV has always revolved around food and sports and now it continues to revolve around food, sports, space travel and aliens in other planets.

When I moved back to India in 2007 after an 8 year stint in US, I realized I had came back to a country that had very few TV shows. The only shows that were still airing were Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana and may be a few regional Indian cooking shows. I was so disappointed. I could not watch some of my favorite TV shows from the US. Food Network had taken over my life and I felt devoid of not being able to watch Food Cooking Shows.

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The last time I rode a scooter was when I was in the 12th grade, hopping on the scooter to go to school, tuitions and catch a bite with friends at a confectionary store what would sell ice creams, spring rolls and veg puffs. But the farthest memory was when I used to go on scooter rides with my dad almost every sunday after a game of tennis or run just to eat the quaintest idli's and ghee roast from our favorite joint - Annapoorna Gowrishankar in Coimbatore. 

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Win A Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Espresso Maker - Enter For Free Now! For all the coffee drinkers and aficionados who despise the long café lines, dread the overwhelming coffee options or need a fix for those early morning caffeine pains – fear no more! There's finally an affordable, low-maintenance coffee maker that can brew a basic or premium roast coffee in a fraction of the time and cost as the coffeehouse: The 2-Way Brewer that you can WIN!! 

Archana's Kitchen in Collaboration with ShopAlike.In is giving away a Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Expresso Maker, so you can whizz up your coffee in minutes for the mornings. 

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The arrival of Spring brings festivities into the air. And when the festival of colors (Holi) is around the corner, one can't help but think about fun with family and friends with lots of food and drinks. Planning a party when you have a lot of friends and family over, it is important to start your planning and organization way in advance.  

These foods may differ from one region of India and even from one home to another home. And below we are excited to share a few menu ideas that can help you plan your Holi Party.  Planning helps to ensure you and your guests have a great time.

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Hello, Home Bakers! I am happy to share with you a special contest that is created just for home bakers by KitchenAid India. For all the creations that we make and share it with friends and family or as a part of your business, we home bakers have a sense of achievement and satisfaction in what we do. 

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Last year (2013) was my first interaction with Saffola & Vikas Khanna. It all started off as a series of shows on TV and a few food bloggers, including me had a chance to be part of the series. The experience was one of kind.

A year later, Saffola naturalized the Fit Foodie Concept and created the Saffola Fit Foodie Panel. This Fit Foodie panel is headed by Michelin starred chef, Vikas Khanna and what a delight it is to work with him and be part of the panel.

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For the amount of cooking I do, I thought an article on where I shop often would help build the online ecosystem and marketplace. Do you know there is an online grocery store called where I shop from which takes grocery shopping to a whole new level? You can find everything you need to run a kitchen and also everyday household goods. It is an ideal place to do your weekly shopping as you’re likely to get everything you want in one place, which is unusual in India!

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Planning a tea party menu for an afternoon tea party can be fairly simple with a little bit of planning. Depending on the occasion, your afternoon tea menu can be as sparse as tea and along with a cup cake or a teatime cake. Or it can include an elaborate menu that includes multiple types of juices, coffees, teas, cakes, finger sandwiches, pakora’s, chaats and other healthy treats. The afternoon teas have always played an important role in many large joint families, Kitty Parties and Women Club meets. So here in this article I am going to demystify the humongous thought of planning for an afternoon tea party.

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Delighted to share that Archana's Kitchen Featured at 15 among the Top 100 blogs. 

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Dear Parent!

I hope this book, will help you in your endeavour to pack healthy lunch boxes with much ease for your child.

I would love to hear your feedback on the book, the adaptations you made to the ideas and how your child loved the lunch box.

Do email me at with all your feedback.

I value all of it very deeply. I will personally respond to all of your queries, feedback and compliments. Thank you so much in advance and I will look forward to all your emails

Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating!

Archana Doshi

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Blend your way to meet the charming MasterChef Vikas Khanna and stand a chance to win the new KitchenAid Pro Line 200-Watt 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender by showcasing your creativity by participating in the KitchenAid India Contest.

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Watch me (Archana Doshi) with Vikas Khanna on Saffola Fit Foodie Program on Food Food Channel. I was invited along to host a TV show along with Vikas Khanna and cooking up some of my favorite dishes from my website that are healthy and use Saffola Oats in one of them.

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