4 Types Of Special Diets That We Can Will Benefit For Better Health

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Eating healthy aimed at long term well being is the goal of health conscious foodies. Though there are several diet types that are popular which include many fad diets, there are fewer diets that really do matter and make a positive impact on the health issue in focus. Consuming healthy and avoiding unhealthy eating is the core concept of any diet we choose, with an emphasis on the objective that we want to achieve through a particular kind of diet. Here are the chosen 4 types of diets that you must know about.

You can plan according to your health and body needs and food preferences what diet suits your requirements and adhere to. Any of these diets must also be coupled with right amount of exercise to benefit completely.

1. High Protein Vegetarian Diet

This a diet which concentrates on sourcing more and more proteins from vegetarian sources only. Many vegetarians find it hard to fulfil their daily recommended protein levels from their food. Fulfilling the body demands of protein is especially tough for people who follow regular fitness and workout schedules, growing children and sports persons.

Like many of us know about eating legumes, fresh sprouts, eggs, and green leafy vegetables, people who follow high protein vegetarian diet should also know how to source their all 9 essential amino acids. (Amino acids are the building blocks of protein). For a wholesome protein nutrition that includes all 9 amino acids, include foods like chia seeds, soybeans and its products, hemp seeds, quinoa, amaranth, cottage cheese, guava, pumpkin seeds, spirulina & buckwheat. Replace wheat and rice more often with quinoa and amaranth. You can also resort to foods like hummus, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, almonds and Greek yogurt. Here are high protein vegetarian recipes.

2. High Protein Non-Vegetarian Diet

This is also a high protein diet that is popular mostly among non-vegetarians. High protein non vegetarian diet concentrates on popular form of meat with good and healthy source of protein in them. Though the high protein vegetarian ingredients can be included in the recipes that are prepared with high protein non vegetarian foods, seared, sautéed, baked forms of non-vegetarian meat is most popular.

Foods like turkey breast, chicken breast, halibut, salmon fish, tuna fish, pork loins, and lean beef are very good in overall proteins and serve most of the body requirement for sports persons, teenagers and gym enthusiasts. Choose only healthy lean meats and protein rich tuna or salmon among the other non vegetarian recipes.

3. Diabetic Diet

Diabetic foods is much needed for people prone to lifestyle diabetes and for those who have diabetes due to family heredity. This diet mainly concentrates on low – no sugars and minimum calories per serving of food.

Diabetic diet mainly consists of fresh, stir fried or cooked vegetables, a serving of millets and millet based porridges, little or no fruits (specifically which are low in sugars, like apples, guava, papaya), beans, legumes, flax seeds, Greek yogurt and fewer meats like chicken breasts and tuna.

But adhering to a diabetic diet lies in portion control. Break the food consumption into 5-8 meals per day with recommended food for diabetics and you can free yourself from bothering about your low calorie requirements. Here are recipes that are diabetic friendly.

4. Low Fat Diet

Low fat diet is majorly needed by people who have borderline or high cholesterol levels in blood. We need to concentrate on getting the good cholesterol (HDL) in to mitigate the accumulative cholesterol (oats, garlic and cranberries) and keep a check on foods containing fats.

Sticking to this diet can be achieved more by avoiding fried foods, oily foods and high fat foods like red meat, egg yolks, full fat milk, cheese, desserts based on milk and any such foods with more saturated fats in them. consume skimmed milk, reduced fat milk and products, substitute sorbet and yogurt foods to desserts, lean meat and tuna to red meat and leg meat, cakes to gingerbread and fat free cookies, potato crisps to popcorn and air fried food and the likes. Here are low fat recipes that you can try.