Breakfast Meal Plate: Sweet Dashmi With Goad Kairi Loncha

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is very important to eat a healthy and filling breakfast because it gives you energy to keep going the entire day. Today, we have a delicious breakfast meal plate which has Sweet Dashmi  which is served along with Goad Kairi Loncha.

Sweet Dashami is a typical Maharashtrian flatbread (Roti), which can be made savoury or sweet. Sweet Dashami Recipe is usually made by mixing wheat flour with sugarcane juice in this recipe. This recipe is proof that few, simple ingredients can create a wholesome, delicious and healthy meal to get you through the day. The instant raw mango pickle served along with the thalipeeth is a quick side dish that can jazz up a meal. Season’s bounty of unripe green mangoes (Kairi) is tempered with a few spices along with some jaggery to make this tangy sweet and spicy Instant pickle called Goad Kairi Loncha Recipe.

The Delicious Breakfast Plate Consists of:

1. Sweet Dashami Recipe

Knead the whole wheat flour and nutmeg powder together with a teaspoon of hot ghee, sugar cane juice as a sweetener, and then roll out the flatbreads and fry on tawa to make this recipe. You do not need water in this recipe since we will use the sugarcane juice. It is also made traditionally with jaggery as well. You can also try other similar recipes such as

sweet dashami recipe

2. Instant Goad Kairi Loncha Recipe

This instant Mango pickle requires just under 10 minutes to make and can be consumed almost as soon as it is made. Flavoured with pounded mustard seeds, and tempered with cumin, mustard seeds, hing, haldi and chilli powder, this is a lip-smacking side dish. You can also try other similar side dishes such as

goad kairi loncha

3. Fruits

Here we have added kiwis and apples. You can also make a fruit bowl and serve it along with your breakfast for extra nutrients.


4. Buttermilk

We have also added a buttermilk to go light and healthier on your tummy.