Chickpea Sundal and Apples | School Lunch Box Recipes

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Back To School Snack Box Ideas: Chickpea Sundal is a healthy and delicious recipe, made from Chana which is more often called Kabuli Chana. It is amazing to see how interesting children find it, picking up the chana one by one and relishing it for their school snack box. Combining it with a fruit, makes the child feel more refreshed with the sugars from the fruit, giving them that added energy.

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What this School Snack Box Contains?

- Protiens from chickpeas 

- Fiber and Nutrients, sugars and energy from Apples

The sundal is prepared by soaking the desi kala chana or kabuli channa overnight and cooked until soft.

Once you have the cooked chickpeas, the sundal can be prepared in just a few quick and easy steps.

Lunch Boxes You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or Steel Lunch Boxes