Apples Walnuts & Cheese | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

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School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Apples are a child’s favorite all because they are juicy and crunchy too. Removing the skin of the apples and cutting them in wedges helps the child eat them with ease and yes faster, as kids are always in a hurry to finish their snacks to get some playtime with their friends.

You might ask me “Wont the apples discolor?” My answer to that is:

When packed in a box that has no exposure to light, the apples most often will stay fresh without discoloration for at least 3 hours. I know a few children like their apples tossed in lemon and honey, so if your child likes them, then go ahead and try it out.

When in doubt pack a test lunch box with apples and see what happens to it after 3 hours. Just make sure it has no exposure to light

Lunch Boxes You Can Use: Rectangular Lunch Box or Steel Lunch Boxes