Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan- Mozzarella Basil Sandwiches,Palak Kathi Roll & More

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Here is a nutritious, healthy and delicious Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan with Mozzarella Basil Sandwiches, Dhaba Style Tawa Pulao, Aloo Gobi Sabzi,One Pot Vegetable Pasta,Palak Paneer Kathi Roll and more. 

Little bit of planning goes a long way when it come to planning a healthy kids lunch box. Rushed mornings can turn into a nightmare in the kitchen and often we end up sending a simple roti roll, dosa, and plain sandwich for our kids, but we feel bad and guilty when they fall sick because nutrient poor diet.

It is important to have a balanced diet for your kids and its easy to add nutrition into your kids diet by just replacing white bread with multigrain breads, adding leafy green and vegetable puree to your roti dough and adding as many vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fruits as possible. Along with healthy meals it is also necessary that kids do not eat unhealthy snacks and so here are some tasty after school snack ideas. 

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Mozzarella Basil Sandwiches & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Mozzarella Basil Sandwiches Recipe is a quick sandwich recipe that is made with a few ingredients. Pesto Sauce is made with walnuts and the addition of multigrain bread adds healthy nuts and nutrition in your kids diet. Pack it with your child's favourite fruit for a healthy lunch box. 



Tawa Pulao & Carrot Raita

Quick and easy tawa pulao is a great solution for your kids lunch box. Brown rice is healthier than white rice and so its good to incorporate that in your kids diet. Some prep work you can do the previous night is keep the vegetables you need for the fried rice chopped and kept in an airtight container in the fridge. 


Aloo Gobi Sabzi And Phulka

Aloo Gobi is a simple recipe that can be made in a jiffy. Prep the Cauliflower, separate florets and store in the fridge. Pack it with a phulka and a raita fro your kids lunch box. 


Vegetable Pasta & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Vegetable pasta is healthy and nutritious and you can add your choice of vegetables. Kids love pasta. Make sure your make the pasta a bit more saucy as pasta tend to dry up in time. Pack it with a nutritious fruit to make a complete meal. 


Palak Paneer Kathi Roll & Muffin

Palak paneer kathi roll is a good way to add green leafy vegetables, fiber and protein in your kids diet. This is a yummy recipe which your kids will enjoy and you can make it in a jiffy on a busy mornings. You can pick palak leaves and wash and keep them in an airtight container the previous night.