Office & Kids Lunch Box - Pav Bhaji Recipe & Curd Rice

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School Lunch Box Ideas and Recipes: The Pav Bhaji is one a great dosh when cooked right, has all the goodness of vegetables and the pav buns add to the carbohydrates giving the required energy to sit through the classes and the day. I like to pack such dishes along with some comfort food like curd rice as this helps them to digest the pav bhaji and gives them the yogurt protein as well. 

Note: When making the Pav Bhaji for children, I make is less spicy, so that children are able to have it with ease at school. Pack small portions so children don't get overwhelmed with a lot of food.

What the it has: 

- Carbohydrates from the Pav Bread along with mashed up vegetables that are mildly spiced and cooked just right to preserve nutrition gives the right energy to the children to help them sustain through the day

- I most often pack it along with curd rice, giving the boys a sense of satisfaction. You can also optionally pack fruits or a fresh fruit juice 

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