Office & Kids Lunch Box - Palak Paneer Roll With Indian Salad

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The Palak Paneer Roll with Prune Chutney is a wholesome wrap that can be packed for office lunch box or sent into the kids lunch box for school. The wrap is made with Palak Paratha and then rolled with a layer of Spiced Prune Chutney and stuffed with mushroom and paneer.

Giving a palak paratha and wrapping it with paneer and vegetables, makes it a lunch that is packed with protein and nutrition. This palak paratha roll lunch box makes a wholesome meal for both kids and also working professionals, who equally need the right nutrition through the day. 

Including prunes to your diet will help you in providing lot of benefits to your body, they are very good for releasing antioxidants into the body. The vitamin A content in prunes are very good for eyes essentially. You can also add in some fruits into your lunch box package or even a tossed quick salad to have an extra crunch and richness to the meal.

Palak Paratha Wrap With Paneer and Mushroom & Prune Chutney

Palak Paratha Wrap With Paneer & Prune Chutney