Plan Your Lunch Box With Spinach Wrap with Prune Spread and Stuffed with Paneer

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Planning a Lunch box meal everyday is a hard task for people who got to work and as well as for homemakers who run out of ideas on what to pack healthy and a delicious meal for their kids. It is usually dishes that are made in the morning which are packed for the afternoon boxes also. Sometimes this might get boring and tedious to keep working on the Lunch box meal. So do not worry at Archana's Kitchen we have come up with a creation of a Healthy Lunch Box Plan that will be exciting to try as well delicious to taste.

This week we have come up with some exotic and nutritional packed Lunch meal made with whole some Ingredients. The wrap is made with Palak Paratha and then rolled with a layer of spiced prune Chutney and stuffed with spicy mushroom and tofu mixture.This is the best way to feed your kids with healthy ingredients as a part of their daily meals. Its not just forms a meal that can be made for kids but also for working people who crave everyday to eat something tasty and at the same time healthy. Including prunes to your diet will help you in providing lot of benefits to your body, they are very good for releasing antioxidants into the body. The vitamin A content in prunes are very good for eyes essentially.

You can also add in some fruits into your lunch box package or even a tossed quick Cabbage Slaw with Ginger Tahini Dressing Recipe salad to have an extra crunch and richness to the meal.


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Archana's Kitchen

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