Indians are very fond of snacks & tiffins and very often sweets is a dish that gets added into every meal. Tea time snacks and Indian Street food varies from region to region, but predominantly each regions has its own share of fun foods that are spicy and tangy go perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

In this section you will find over 1000+ recipes in Sweet, Tea Time Snacks, Breakfast Tiffins & Indian Sweets that are made healthy and yet keeping the traditions and authenticity.

Arbi Cutlet Recipe (Spiced Colocasia Patties)

Arbi Cutlet is a crispy golden brown patties made with Colocasia root and flavoured with the Indian spices. It is the perfect tea time snack for a healthy start. Arbi or Colocasia is famous among the Sindhi's and it is basically originated from the Patra leaves. The Colocasia root that is being used in this Recipe is rich in Vitamin A, Magnesium, Potassium etc., which makes it a perfect dish to include in a healthy diet. You can relish the Arbi Cutlet (Spiced Colocasia Patties) along with ...

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Alu Vadi Or Patrode Recipe - Maharashtrian Snack With Colocasia Leaves

Alu vadi or Patrode is a typical Maharashtrian snack/side dish made by stuffing colocasia (Alu/Arbi) leaves with a spiced multigrain batter and then steaming them. This is a quick and healthy recipe where the steamed vadis are shallow fried instead of deep frying them.  Traditionally the leaves are stuffed with chickpea batter but this recipe uses multigrain flour to make the batter. You can use only chickpea flour (besan) too. Colocasia leaves can sometimes cause itching to the hands and throat. ...

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Kheel Paniyaram Recipe (Puffed Rice Paniyaram)

Paniyaram is a south Indian healthy breakfast dish. If you have leftover idli batter just add finely chopped vegetables, temper with curry leaves, mustard seeds and make them easily, serve with coconut chutney.           Paniyaram is made in a special cookware called paniyaram chitti. Traditionally paniyaram made with fermented rice batter, paniyaram can make sweet and sour. Here I gave a twist make these paniyaram with kheel which is also known as puffed rice.  Serve ...

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Palak Puri Recipe (Crispy Spinach Puri Snack)

Puri is deep fried Indian bread, commonly available in two types of texture: either the crispy one or the smooth one like roti or paratha. In order to make crispy palak puri, simply add chopped spinach leaves along with some ordinary species into wheat floor and make puris out of it. Relish the deep fried palak puri with tea time snack and have healthy breakfast with your favourite beverages. Serve Palak Puri as a tea time snack along with a hot cup of Masala Tea. If you like this recipe, you ...

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Spinach Oats Vada Recipe

Spinach Oats Vada Recipe is a healthy twist to otherwise deep fried vada recipe. By adding the superfood "Spinach" and healthy oats, this is a simple recipe is shallow fried to avoid excess oil consumption. The taste negligibly differs in comparison to deep fried and is all healthy when shallow fried! Serve Spinach Oats Vada Recipe with Dhaniya pudina chutney or kadale chutney recipe during tea time with hot coffee or adrak tea. Take a look at more vada recipes to try during tea time Medu Vada ...

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Kerala Style Vettu Cake Recipe (Eggless Wholewheat Tea Shop Cake)

Vettu cake is a famous tea shop snack in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is called vettu cake as it forms cracks (vettu in tamil) while frying. This a heirloom recipe that my mother taught me. It is usually prepared adding eggs and using maida. I wanted to make it more healthy and hence tried the same with wheat flour and used no eggs, creating Kerala Style Vettu Cake Recipe (Eggless Wholewheat Tea Shop Cake). It came out too good with crispy outside and soft inside. The taste did not differ any, either. ...

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Shallow Fried Oysters Recipe

Shallow Fried Oysters Recipe is a delicious and easy to experiment with oysters where they are first coated with some spices and semolina-rice flour mixture and then shallow fried. Being from Goan Saraswat Brahmin family in Goa, I love all seafood and try to prepare different recipes using them. When it comes to shellfish, you just can't stop experimenting on them. Oysters are very rich in zinc and today's recipe is very simple with minimum ingredients easily available in your kitchen. These shallow ...

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Papad Nachos With Salsa Recipe

Papad Nachos with Salsa is a fun fusion recipe, where the Indian Papad meets the Mexican Salsa. Roasted Papad is topped with a spicy tangy Mexican Salsa and cheese, grilled just till the Cheese melts. You can use any variety of Papad like Urad, Ragi, Rice or Moong. You can also use Khakra. From a basic onion-Tomato salsa you can experiment with corn, Mango, cucumber Salsa. The Papad Nachos need to be served immediately, to avoid them from getting soggy. Papad Nachos with Salsa can be served as a ...

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Gola Kebab (Indian Style Meat Balls) Recipe

Gola Kebab is made from mutton (lamb meat) that can be relished as a side dish with a vegetarian meal. This recipe is so versatile that it fits best in the category of finger food (starters) to be served in a party. Gola Kebabs or mutton meat balls are so easy to make that it hardly takes 30 minutes to serve it. As the meat balls are pan roasted with minimum oil, they don't climb the calorie meter too. Don't worry about the left overs they can be packed as a roll in paratha for lunch box. Serve ...

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Mushroom 65 Recipe (Indian Style Spicy Mushrooms with Chillies)

The Mushroom 65 Recipe is one of the most popular dishes that one would find in a very atypical South Indian restaurants. The origins are are to tell, but some speculate it to be Chettinad and some from Andhra, but nevertheless, this recipe of Mushroom 65 is a must try dish if you love spice and love mushrooms. Serve Mushroom 65 on its own as an appetiser for a house party. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Appetiser recipes such as Bhaji Miligai And Baby Potato Fry Recipe Chicken ...

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Lobia Kebabs Recipe (Black Eyed Bean Patties)

The Lobia Kebabs (Black Eyed Bean Patties) Recipe is a simple and wholesome kebabs that have added vegetables and herbs along with spices which infuse life into these bean patties. These Black Eyed Bean Kebabs also at the same time balance the carbohydrate load by means of protein and fiber they contain. These can be served as appetizers or tea time snacks. Serve the Lobia Kebabs Recipe (Black Eyed Bean Patties) hot along with a Yogurt Dip for parties or as a snack for kids ...

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Black Eyed Peas Masala Vadas Recipe

Masala Vada or the ambode as known is karnataka is a savoury lentil fritter generally made using channa dal. This recipe uses Black eyed peas and sweet corn and takes this vada to the next level. You can make this yummy vada guilt free by baking it in the oven or even the appe pan, it would still yield a crispy exterior with a moist interior. You can even add mustard, curry leaves , green chilli and onion tadka to yogurt and soak these vadas in it and top it off with chopped coriander, Makes for ...

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Peanut Chaat With Spiced Yogurt Recipe

Peanut Chaat With Spiced Yogurt Recipe is an interesting combination of typical chaat flavours, combined with protein-rich peanuts. Spiced with a flavoured yogurt it is a perfect option for a cold salad or appetizer for you’re a chaat party. The peanuts are earthy and aromatic from being boiled, combined with cooling yogurt, chopped cucumbers and tomato. Perfectly seasoned with a mix of chilli and other aromatic spices Peanut Chaat With Spiced Yogurt is a great mid-morning or tea-time snack too. Did ...

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Veg Tunday Kabab Recipe

Tunday Kababs is a Lucknow based dish which is made out of lamb. Here we give it a vegetarian twist. In this recipe, 21 distinct spaces have been used and prepared with lot marination. You will be in need of a grill or tandoor to make this dish but even a non-stick pan can do justice to the recipe.  Veg Tunday Kababs are a starter and can be served for a party. Serve the Ve Tunday Kababs with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney.  Here are few Kabab Recipes Which you may like to try. Nadru ...

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Vegetarian Shami Kebab Recipe (Chane Ke Kebab)

The Vegetarian Shami Kebab Recipe is also popularly known as the Chane Ke Kebab is a very simple recipe to make and it's wholesome too. The kebabs are packed with proteins from the chickpeas and flavored with fennel and chaat masala. You can make these kebabs with either kala chana (dark brown chickpeas) or the kabuli chana (regular chickpeas), either ways you get a great texture and taste. You can also make the kebab dough ahead and pan fry them when you are ready to serve them for parties. Did ...

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Jimikand ke Kebab Recipe (Yam Kebabs)

The Jimikand ke Kebab Recipe are a wholesome recipe of the kebabs that is packed with flavor and texture. Jimikand is a root vegetable, also known as the Indian Yam or Suran. The yam has delicious nutty taste, and when combined with chaat masala and spices, brings out a burst of flavors. You can serve the Jimikand Ke Kebas along with Green Chutney as a appetizer for your parties. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Appetiser recipes such as Bhaji Miligai And Baby Potato ...

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Karnataka Style Ellu Bella Recipe (Sankrati Mix Recipe)

Karnataka Style Ellu Bella Recipe (Sankranti Mix Recipe) a simple tradition followed by many of the Karnataka households to make this type of mixture during every festival of Sankranti. It is a custom that every family should distribute this mixture along with homemade goodies to neighbor as a way of offering. It is just a practice which has been followed for years, since bella – jaggery is being used excessively during this time of the year and sesame seeds which was traditionally used in the ...

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Stove Top Green Peas Seekh Kebab Recipe

Stove Top Green Peas Seekh Kebab Recipe is an appetizing recipe made on stove top, instead of a barbecue. Seekhs are commonly the skewers around which the dough is lined and coated and then placed on a barbecue. Seekh can be of bamboo or even those big steel rods, depending on the type of barbecue you doing. Green peas seek kebabs are a no barbecue kebab. Just a few handy ingredients and Voila!! You are done with Stove Top Green Peas Seekh Kebab Recipe! Serve it along with party appetizer. If you ...

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Sweet Potato & Peas Cutlet Recipe

Sweet Potato & Peas Cutlet Recipe is an Indian appetizer recipe served as a snack or party starter. It is a kid-friendly snack. Serve Sweet Potato & Peas Cutlet Recipe along with dhaniya pudina chutney and dates and tamarind chutney or roasted tomato sauce. Here are a few more cutlet recipes that are yummy Mixed Vegetable Noodle Cutlet Recipe Chicken Cutlet Recipe Oats and Rajma Cutlet Recipe - A Delicious Tea Time Snack Leftover Roti Cutlet Recipe

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Kerala Style Pazham Pori Recipe (Banana Fry)

The Kerala Style Pazham Pori Recipe (Banana Fry) is a simple and delicious recipe from Kerala traditionally made from the Nenthrapazham/Yethakka fruit. Using the Nenthrapazham/Yethakka fruit gives the authentic taste of the banana fry. Serve Kerala Style Pazham Pori along with Masala Chai as a tea time snack. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Indian appetiser such as Moong Matar Kebab Recipe Rajma Malai Cutlet Recipe Congress Buns Recipe

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Peanut Butter And Flax Oats Bar With Chocolate Chip Recipe

Peanut Butter And Flax Oat Squares With Chocolate Chips is a healthy snack option which will be enjoyed by kids and elders. In this oats squares we are using healthy ingredients like flax and peanut butter that are  tasty and healthy at the same time. Flax seed benefits could help you improve digestion, give you clear skin, lower cholesterol, reduce sugar cravings, balance hormones, fight cancer and promote weight loss. This delicious Peanut Butter And Flax Oat Squares With Chocolate Chips ...

Khumb Kakuri Potli Kebab Recipe With Sandwich Spread

The Khumb Kakuri Potli Kebab recipe is a delicious appetizer that is made into a pocket or a potli stuffed with mushrooms, cashew nut and flavored with Del Monte’s Sandwich Spread. If you have ready Roomali Roti's then you can use them and fold it with the Mushroom stuffing. These Khumb Kakuri Potli Kebab makes an amazing snack and is also perfect for your brunch parties. Sandwich spread is often seen to used in sandwiches and wraps, but here we are using it as main flavoring ingredient that not ...

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Date Brownie Energy Bars Recipe

The Date Brownie Energy Bars Recipe are a great healthy snack for your hiking, trekking, running, school or just a tea time break. Packed with nutrition, protein and omega 3 from the flax seeds, these bars are sure to keep you energized. What more, you can munch on them when you crave for some junk food as well. Note: The soy granules that I have used are edible like cereal. They taste like the wheat granules (cereal/ processed version). So if you find that go ahead and use any type of whole ...

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