Indians are very fond of snacks & tiffins and very often sweets is a dish that gets added into every meal. Tea time snacks and Indian Street food varies from region to region, but predominantly each regions has its own share of fun foods that are spicy and tangy go perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

In this section you will find over 1000+ recipes in Sweet, Tea Time Snacks, Breakfast Tiffins & Indian Sweets that are made healthy and yet keeping the traditions and authenticity.

Tofu and Chickpea Patty Recipe (Cutlets)

Tofu and Chickpea patty is a healthy snack or appetizer option which is made using mashed tofu and chickpeas and flavored with coriander, green chilies and a few masalas. The good part of this recipe is that you can modify it to suit your liking and reduce or increase the amount of spices according to your taste. You can make the mixture to make these patties before hand and fry whenever you are ready to serve them. Serve Tofu and Chickpea Patty Recipe (Cutlets) with green chutney and date tamarind ...

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The Croque Madame Sandwich Recipe

The Croque Madame Sandwich Recipe is a perfect example of a fun, fast and a perfect filling and healthy breakfast. The croque monsieur is the classic French ham and cheese sandwich covered in cheesy bechamel, becomes a madame when a fried egg is placed on top of it. In this recipe we are only using eggs topped with bechamel sauce. Serve Croque Madame Sandwich as a perfect weekend breakfast along with a bowl of fruits and Espresso Coffee. If you like this recipe, you can also try other ...

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Spring Onion Pakora Recipe - Made In Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

Spring Onion Pakora Recipe - Made In Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan is a spring onion fritters which are crunchy and taste absolutely yum. Chopped spring onion is mixed with rice flour batter and gram flour along with crushed roasted coriander seeds, chilli powder, mint leaves and a few other ingredients to make a mouthwatering pakoda.  The key to making Crispy Spring Onion Pakoda is that you need to add very little water to make a thick batter. If you make a thin batter then the Spring Onion Pakoras ...

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Shikampuri Kebab Recipe - Kebabs made with Brown Chickpeas

The Shikampuri Kebab Recipe are wholesome kebabs that are healthy and yet delicious. The Kebabs are made from kala chana and filled in the centre with a hung curd (greek yogurt) and served along with spicy coriander chutney.  Did You Know: Chickpeas make for a very nutritious and healthy diet. It reduces cholesterol, prevents constipation and helps prevent digestive disorders. Chickpeas are rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It also has impressive amounts of ...

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Assamese Style Mohura Pitha Recipe - Sweet Rice Dumplings Recipe

Rice Dumplings or Pithas rules in the eastern states of India. The process is mostly steaming. Food prepared in steaming process with zero oil is considerably better in taste. You will be amazed to find the varieties of Pithas, an odiya family relish on a festive day. They are like Poda Pitha, Kakara Pitha, Monda Pitha and Chakuli Pitha. The festival of Bihu in Assam is more on celebrating the art of making Pithas. Til Pitha, Mohura Pitha, sunga pitha, takeli pitha where rice is being the main ingredient. Believe ...

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Mizoram Special Koat Pitha Recipe (Banana Fritters)

Mizoram Koat Pitha is a fritter dish made with rice flour and banana which is similar to the Kerala Unniyappam which is fried on a kuzhi Paniyaram Pan. The flavours come together wonderfully to make a great dish with a crisp exterior and soft interiors.  In the North East it is widely consumed as a delicious dessert on almost all the special occasions. Serve Koat Pitha as a delicious dessert after light meal of Sana Thongpa and  Tan Ngan, or as an evening tea time snack ...

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Breakfast Bar Recipe With Berries Quinoa & Oats

Breakfast Bar Recipe With Berries Quinoa & Oats is a recipe that the whole family can have in the morning for that energy such that you have a great start for the day. This recipe is a keeper. You can make this breakfast bar ahead of time and store it away upto 2 weeks. Serve Breakfast Bar Recipe With Berries Quinoa & Oats with a healthy smoothie or lots of fresh fruits and haldi doodh. If you like this recipe, here are a few more breakfast ideas to also try Whole Wheat Muesli Pancake ...

Authentic Nimki Recipe - Evening Tea Time Snack

Nimki is a traditional Indian tea time snack recipe, that is often available at every north Indian home. Its is a savory cracker, that is packed with flavors and goes well with a spicy mango pickle or even can be had one its own. Serve the Parti Mathri or Nimki with ginger tea or mango pickle as a tea time snack or make it for the festival like Diwali, Holi or any other special occasion. Find more Tea Time Snacks like Murukku, Ribbon Pakoda, Sev and Mixture ...

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Baked Multigrain Mathri Recipe with Italian Flavors

Baked Multigrain Italian Flavoured Mathri is a crunchy and savory snack that is traditionally eaten in Rajasthan with spicy pickles. This recipe of the baked mathri's is a healthy twist of the traditional version that uses multi-grain flour. The recipe also uses the baking technique rather than deep-frying it. The Italian mixed herb seasoning also adds to the uniqueness of it which is loved by both children and adults alike. Serve Baked Multigrain Mathri with Sweet and Spicy Tomato Chutney, Tangy ...

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Mint And Coriander Spicy Multigrain Cracker Recipe (Mathri)

Spiced Multigrain Tea Time Crackers Recipe is a delicious recipe of a tea time cracker that is flavored with Coriander and Mint and textured with sesame, cumin and ajwain. Shape these crackers using cookie cutters and you can place some cheese or fresh salad over it and serve it as an appetizer for parties during the holiday season. Here are more snack recipes to try Ragi Snacks (Chakli And Kodubale) Recipe Tandoori Aloo Recipe Foxtail Millet Nippattu Recipe Pumpkin Wade (Sweet Pumpkin Pooris) ...

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Pappu Chekkalu Recipe - Andhra Style Spiced Rice Cracker

The Pappu Chekkalu Recipe is a delicious and deep fried snack that is very famous in Andhra. It is made from rice flour and the addition of chana dal and spices adds to the taste of the cracker.  Serve the Pappu Chekkalu as a tea time evening snack along with a cup of coffee or make it for festivals like diwali. If you like dry snacks, then you must try some of our favorites like -  Multigrain Masala Kadak Puri Recipe Cornflakes Mixture Methi Mathri Recipe  Baked Bhakarwadi ...

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Mahunada Khaja Recipe - Rose Cookie Recipe

Mahunada Khaja Recipe is also the Andhra Style Gulabi Puvvulu as the rose cookies are called. This is an eggless recipe of the crunchy sweet snack that is popular during christmas. I reside outside India and got all excited when I came across a Chancha (rose cookie mould) and hence prepared this in delicious batches. I experimented this recipe without eggs and my family loved it. This can even be done for snacking during diwali. Many Indian sweets need ghee or butter but this recipe does not need ...

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Shakkarpara Recipe (Shankarpali)

Shankarpali is a traditional Maharashtrian version of the Shakarpara and is usually made during festivities. This crunchy, flaky deep-fried snack is also a great tea time snack. A pre-made stock of Shankarpali is also a very handy munching snack for the ever hungry kids! Shankarpali can be made savoury as well as sweet. For this sweet version, lightly sweetened wheat dough is rolled out and cut into diamonds or squares and then deep fried till crisp. For crisp Shankarpali roll out the dough as thin ...

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Spicy Indian Style Onion Rings Recipe

Spicy Indian Style Onion Rings is an Indian twist to the classic American snack called onion rings. The flavor of the onion rings is spiked up by using ginger, garlic and chilies. Spicy Onion rings are spicy, zesty and make a good addition to a chaat-party or tea party menu. Serve Spicy Onion Rings as an appetizer along with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney or enjoy them with a cup of masala chai on a rainy evening. Here are few more snack recipes to try Bulgur Wheat Potato Patty Recipe Kara Vegetable ...

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Recipe

Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Bar is a gluten free breakfast bar made from rice cereal, pumpkins and dry fruits. These bars are delicious, quick and simple to make that can be packed into the kids lunch boxes or even taken as a snack for trekking. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Energy Bars such as Date Brownie Energy Bars Recipe No Bake Marie Biscuit Energy Bar Recipe No Bake Oats Energy Bites Recipe

Homemade Black Bean Burger Recipe

The Homemade Black Bean Burger Recipe is a classic Vegetarian Burger that is packed with protein from kidney beans, oats and the whole wheat burger bun. Black Bean is more commonly used in Latin American cuisine, but you can also use a dark red kidney beans for this burger recipes. They have a creamy texture and rich flavor. You can now wrap the Homemade Black Bean Burger into parchment paper and take them for summer picnics or have a fun summer afternoon lunch with a smoothie. Did You ...

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बेक्ड मसाला नमक पारा रेसिपी - Baked Masala Namak Para Recipe

बेक्ड मसाला नमक पारा रेसिपी एक सरल रेसिपी है जिसमे बहुत कम सामग्री का प्रयोग किया जाता है जैसे की मैदा, गेहूं का आटा और रोज के मसाले। इसमें जीरा, अजवाइन और काली मिर्च का भी प्रयोग किया जाता है जो इसके स्वाद को और भी बढ़ाता है.  बेक्ड मसाला नमक पारा को शाम के नाश्ते के लिए मसाला चाय के साथ परोसे।  अगर आपको यह पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है  काजू पकोड़ा रेसिपी  गाजर धनिया पकोड़ा रेसिपी  पालक मूंग दाल पकोड़ा रेसिपी 

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Baked Masala Namak Para Recipe - Carom Seeds Spiced Biscuits

Baked Masala Namak Para Recipe is a popular tea time snack. Usually, these are deep fried and made with whole wheat flour making them a tad bit unhealthy. Instead of deep frying these Namak Para, here I have baked them instead, such that there is negligible oil absorption in the recipe. Baked Masala Namak Para Recipe is an easy recipe prepared with few ingredients like maida, wheat flour and spices. Spices like carom seeds, cumin seeds, crushed pepper and hing are used to make these Namak Para flavourful. Serve Baked ...

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Capsicum Carrot Oats Sandwich Recipe

Capsicum Carrot Oats Sandwich is a healthy and tasty recipe with the added goodness of oats and also curd. Capsicum and and carrot are rich in vitamins and is good to add it into your diet. The sandwich can be made easily. Then oats are added to it for a different texture which will help in providing enough of dietary fiber. It can make for a filling breakfast option or kids tiffin box meal. Capsicum Carrot Oats Sandwich can be served with Banana Almond & Prunes Smoothie Recipe or ...

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High Protein Grilled Rajma Corn Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Rajma Corn Sandwich is a fusion sandwich dish which is filled with delicately herbed Rajma and corn and tossed along with cheese to make it delicious and cheesy. The Rajma corn sandwich is packed with protein and nutrition and makes a high protein breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner. All you need to have is some cooked rajma handy in the kitchen and making this rajma corn sandwich will breeze. Serve the Grilled Rajma Corn Sandwich as a wholesome breakfast or even serve it for summer weeknight ...

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Grilled Spinach And Cottage Cheese Sandwich Recipe

The Grilled Spinach and Cottage Cheese Sandwich Recipe is a wholesome and nutritious meal option that can be had for breakfast or dinner. The addition of spinach along with cottage cheese and cream cheese makes it wholesome and nutritious that is packed with vitamin, minerals and protein. You can serve the Grilled Spinach and Cottage Cheese Sandwich for breakfast or even for a weeknight dinner or even pack them for your picnics along with a Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe or Homemade ...

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Rajasthani Kalmi Vada Recipe - Chana Dal Vada

Kalmi Vada is a popular Rajasthani fried snack recipe. The vada has a crispy outside and soft inside making it a great tea time snack. This is similar to south Indian masala vadai.  Serve Rajasthani Kalmi Vada with Imli chutney and a hot cup of Adrak Chai as a wonderful tea time snack If you like this recipe, here are a few more Vada Recipes: Methi Corn Dal Vada Recipe Cabbage Onion Vada Recipe Spinach Oats Vada Recipe

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Beetroot & Spinach Nimki Recipe (Namak Para)

The Beetroot & Spinach Nimki Recipe also known as the Namak Para is a delicious deep fried tea time snack of North India. It is often made and stocked in homes on a regular basis, in addition it is also made during festive occasions like Holi, Diwali, Navratri and more. This recipe is made from ingredients like beetroot and spinach to give its rich color and makes it great for Holi festival. Serve the Beetroot & Spinach Nimki as a tea time evening snack along with a cup of chai ...

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Pita Sandwich With Cauliflower Falafel And Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Pita Sandwich With Cauliflower Falafel And Roasted Vegetables Recipe is a baked cauliflower stuffed sandwich. Falafel is a deep fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, beans or both. Falafel is a traditional middle eastern food, commonly served in a pita bread. The falafel are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, variety of sauces and drizzled with tahini sauce. This is a recipe with the twist as we are using cauliflower as major ingredient for falafel. Cauliflower Falafel can also be ...

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