Should You Have An Ice Cream Or A Frozen Dessert!

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One thing the scorching heat of the summers does is the urge to have smoothies, milkshakes, ice creams and frozen desserts.

With the heat at its peak and summer school holidays in full swing, mothers face a tough time meeting their sudden demand for snacks and food. With all these, she has to take care that she gives all healthy and nutritious food to her kids to avoid any kind of illness.

There are many healthy options available such as buttermilk, nimboo pani, coconut water, smoothies, fresh juices and other similar drinks, but sometime, a kid just wants an ice-cream to satisfy the hunger and taste buds. So you head to the nearest shop to buy your kids Ice cream and realise certain packs have ‘Frozen Desserts’ mentioned on the pack. And we wonder which is better than the other.

If you read the ingredients in label, and compare both of the Ice Cream and ‘Frozen dessert’ we would wonder which is better, healthier or which one is low in fat. A important thing to note is ice creams contain at least 10 percent milk fat and 6 percent non-fat milk solids. Anything less than this proportion is considered to be frozen desserts.

Since Frozen desserts have vegetable oil in them (no Dalda or Vanaspati), they tend to be lower in fats when compared to their ice-cream counterpart.

Both of them have the same texture and are very similar in taste and what’s even better is that Frozen desserts have a better nutrition profile, without compromising on taste and acceptability.

Frozen Desserts are believed to be lower saturated fats, zero cholesterol and trans fat contents.

So if you plan to go into a store to buy a pack of ice cream and if you find a frozen dessert, both are perfectly fine to be consumed and enjoyed for the summers.

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