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Shruti Prasad is a food lover who loves to travel, read books, cook comforting food and experiment with various ingredients. She worked in event management and took up corporate jobs but realized her passion was food. She is a self-taught cook who has learnt to cook reading recipe books and cooking shows. Mother of two kids and juggling many things at a time ,she still manages to cook passionately all her favorite dishes by tweaking them to meet her time crunch . Her motto in life is “Always try something new because you never know what you will fall in love with

Recipes and Articles by Shruti Prasad

Continental Dinner To You Love - Creamy Polenta, Spinach Stir Fry & Vegetables In Pepper Sauce

Saturday, 12 January 2019 10:25

Bored of the same old Indian Meals over the weekend? Here is a delicious healthy and easy to make Continental dinner idea which has Creamy Polenta Served with Garlic and Spinach stir fry and Vegetables In Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce.

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan- Mini Idli Upma, Sesame Noodle,Veg Sandwich & More

Friday, 11 January 2019 09:00

This weeks Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan includes Mini Idli Upma with Green Coriander and Coconut Chutney, Sesame Noodles Recipe With Napa Cabbage with Kung Pao Tofu With Vegetables, Classic Grilled Tomato Cucumber Chutney Sandwich with Fresh fruit bowl, One Pot Punjabi ...

30 Tasty Almond Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Thursday, 10 January 2019 10:19

Almond or Badam is a versatile nut that is used in different forms in sweet or savoury dishes. This versatile nut can be blanched and used to make salads and curries or ground to make almond meal to be used in cakes and cookies. Almonds can also be blended with water to make almond milk to make sweet ...

Portion Control Meal Plate: Green Moong Dal Makhani, Methi Sprouts salad, Cabbage Chana Dal Sabzi, Phulka & Curd

Wednesday, 09 January 2019 10:18

This week we bring you a tasty and full of fiber and nutrition Diabetic Friendly Portion Control Meal Plate of Dhaba Style Green Moong Dal Makhani, Methi Sprouts salad, Cabbage Chana Dal Sabzi, Phulka & Curd. We have included serving suggestions to help you either lose weight or keep your weight ...

Kids Lunch Box Recipes: Sindhi Sai Bhaji, Phulka, Salad & Papad

Monday, 07 January 2019 08:00

Here is a simple yet delicious lunch box recipe with Sindhi Sai Bhaji, Phulka, Salad & Papad. Pack this as a lunch box, for both kids and adults, as this meal tastes great at room temperature. Adding soothing, cooling elements like a salad, and adding a crunchy roasted papad makes the lunch ...

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan- Carrot Aloo Paneer Curry, Baked Broccoli Pasta, Vegetable fried Rice & More

Friday, 04 January 2019 08:00

Here is a healthy and tasty Kids Lunch box Menu plan of Carrot Aloo Paneer Curry with Tawa Paratha, Baked Cheesy Broccoli Pasta with Fresh Fruits, Chinese Vegetable Fried with Chilli Baby Corn, Grilled Mushroom Sandwich Recipe With Herbs with Fruit Bowl and Batata nu Shaak with Palak ...

70 Delicious Indian Brinjal Recipes Goes Well With Roti/ Rice- Baingan | Kathirikkai | Eggplant

Thursday, 27 December 2018 10:28

Brinjals or eggplant or aubergine also known as baingan in Hindi, badne kai in Kannada, vankaya in Telugu , begun in Bengali, vangi in Marathi and vangan in Sindhi is common vegetable available throughout the year. Brinjals come in all shapes and sizes and are available in green and purple, but which ...

21 Delectable Kurma Curry Meal Ideas Perfect For Lunch Or Dinners

Wednesday, 26 December 2018 10:24

Kurma or korma is a delicious rich creamy gravy usually made of coconut, curd, nut paste, spices and curd or milk or cream along with vegetables or meat. Almost all kurma curries pair well with a roti, appam or any variety rice like pulaos and biryanis or ghee rice.

40 Delectable Non Veg Appetizer Recipes For Snack Time | Non Veg Starter Recipes

Monday, 24 December 2018 11:00

Ending a year with a bang and welcoming the next year with your family and friends is on most peoples list. Many of us like to have a house party where we end up inviting most of our family and friends over. Getting your menu in place if your hosting a party is really important and a little bit of planning ...

28 Delicious Dessert Pudding Recipes Perfect You Will Love

Friday, 21 December 2018 10:00

Puddings are the ultimate desserts and you can have them cold or warm. When we think of traditional puddings we think of warm baked bread puddings, or rice puddings. Here we have a put up a collection of various innovative desserts which you can make for your next celebrations or dinner parties.

17 Vegetarian Stew Meal Ideas Made Just For Weeknight Dinners

Monday, 17 December 2018 10:00

A simple vegetarian stew is a vegetable or mixed vegetable gravy which is slow cooked with the addition of coconut milk. Stew get its complex flavours from a combination of aromatic spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric powder, cardamom, bay leaves, peppercorns and cinnamon. The spices marry in a rich, ...

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Carrot & Capsicum Rice,Paneer Quesadilla ,Pav Bhajji & More

Friday, 14 December 2018 09:00

Here are some delicious and easy kids lunch box menu which has Carrot And Capsicum Rice & Raita, Chilli Paneer Quesadilla & Fresh Fruit Bowl, Paneer Pav Bhaji & Curd, Milagu Sadam & Beetroot Porial and Broccoli, Paneer & Peanut Sandwich & Fresh Fruit ...

21 Wholesome Kootu, Paratha & Chutney Meal Ideas For Lunch Or Dinner

Sunday, 09 December 2018 11:42

If you are looking for tasty, light, comfort food dinner ideas then look no further. Here we have a collection of healthy kootu, parathas and chutney which make for comforting weekday dinner.

17 Lip Smacking Brownie Recipes Perfect Those Sugar Cravings

Saturday, 08 December 2018 10:40

Most of us love brownies but every individual is different and everyone has their own way of loving a brownie. Whatever your brownie craving is, here we have some amazing chocolate brownies, Blondies, Brownies with chocolate chips, and brownies with a twist which transform the basic brownie into ...

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Grilled Potato Sandwich, Semiya Upma,Falafel Wrap & More

Friday, 07 December 2018 09:00

This weeks Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan includes Spicy Potato Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Bowl, Vegetable Semiya Upma & coconut chutney, Middle Eastern Falafel & Hummus Wrap & Papaya Orange Pomegranate Salad Recipe & Roasted Peanuts, Quick Cauliflower Sabzi & Whole ...

Portion Control Meal Plate: Kela Matar Sabzi,Lobia Masala, Bajra Kaddu Roti, Spiced Buttermilk & Onions

Wednesday, 05 December 2018 10:00

Try out this healthy and high fiber portion control meal plate with Kela Matar ki Sabzi, No onion, no garlic Lobia Masala, Bajra Kaddu Ki Roti, Spiced Buttermilk and Pickled Onions. It is a simple yet delicious meal that one can cook on a everyday basis to make your meals healthy and light . You can ...

86 Pumpkin Recipes You Can Make A Meal & Dessert

Sunday, 02 December 2018 10:00

Pumpkins are in season. Even though pumpkins are available in the market year round, pumpkin is a winter vegetable and is a comfort food during winters.Pumpkin is so versatile that it can be used in preparation of sabzi, dals, sweets, soups, curries, desserts,pies, etc. It can be stir fried, baked, stewed ...

123 Palak Recipes From Snacks | Curry | Sabzi | Breakfast & More

Friday, 30 November 2018 15:38

Spinach also known as ‘Palak‘ in Hindi, ‘Pachchali Koora‘ or ‘Palakura‘ in Telugu, ‘Vashala Cheera‘ in Malayalam, ‘Pasalai Keerai‘ in Tamil, ‘Palang Sag‘ in Bengali is a green leafy vegetable which has a high nutritional value and has always been regarded as a plant with remarkable ...

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Horsegram&Millet Idli,Spinach Corn Quesadilla,Tomato Rice & More

Friday, 30 November 2018 09:00

Here are some innovative and healthy Kids Lunch Box ideas which will help you plan your week better. This weeks Kids Lunch Box menu plan includes Horsegram & Foxtail Millet Idli & Mangalore Peel Chutney, Spinach and Corn Quesadilla & Fresh Fruit Bowl, Tomato Rice & Carrot Raita, Kadai ...

6 Delicious Enchilada, Soup & Starter Meal Ideas You Must Try

Thursday, 29 November 2018 10:00

Want to satisfy your comfort food craving? Here are some delicious, gooey and easy to make Enchilada recipes which you can make for your weekend dinner or a Mexican inspired party.

Kids Lunch Box Menu Plans- Moong Dal Cheela, Broccoli Sandwich, Penne Pasta & More

Friday, 23 November 2018 09:00

Here is another tasty and healthy kids lunch box menu plan for you which even the pickiest kids will surely love. This weeks Lunch Box menu plan includes Moong Dal Cheela with Tomato chutney, Broccoli Paneer Mayo Sandwich with choice of fruits, Chettinad Vegetable Pulao with Tomato onion raita, Soya ...

Portion Control Meal Plate:Drumstick Dal,Goru Chikkudukaya,Rice Quinoa,Vadam,Salad & Curd

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 10:00

This week's Portion Control Meal Plate is comforting and delicious, made of  Drumstick Dal, Goru chikkudukaya which is cluster beans with peanuts and hint of garlic,Rice and Quinoa, Papad, Salad & Curd. This is a perfect meal plate for your weekday Lunch. It is easy to make and tastes ...

12 Continental Dinner Ideas With Au Gratin, Soup, Bread & Dessert

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 10:00

Holiday season and winters calls for some hearty, delicious baked dishes, warm wholesome soups, fresh breads and delicious desserts. Creamy Au gratins are perfect dish for the holidays which can become a dinnertime staple that the whole family will love. Au gratin dinner combinations are worthy of serving ...

18 Diabetes Meal Ideas With Millet Roti Sabzi Combination

Saturday, 17 November 2018 10:00

Consumption of white rice and other refined and polished grains has led to an increased incidence of type 2 diabetes. There is a rich heritage of millet cuisines across India which is getting lost and it is time to dig deep into this rich heritage to control diabetes. Our Grandparents lived a wholesome ...

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