28 Delicious Dessert Pudding Recipes Perfect You Will Love

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Puddings are the ultimate desserts and you can have them cold or warm. When we think of traditional puddings we think of warm baked bread puddings, or rice puddings. Here we have a put up a collection of various innovative desserts which you can make for your next celebrations or dinner parties.

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The core ingredients of many of the puddings are ingredients which you find commonly in your kitchen pantry like milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, flour and rice and breads. Some of you may steer clear of baking as you feel it's an art but we have lots of recipes that require no baking and still satisfy your taste buds. Do give these recipes a try and let us know how you like it.

1. Cold Pudding Recipes

These easy dessert puddings will surely satisfy your sugar cravings. You can make them in advance for your dinner party and serve them to wow your guests. 

2. Warm Puddings Recipes

These warm puddings are best way to end a lovely meal on a cold night. Or just have them with a cup of hot chocolate to quench your sweet cravings.