Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Horsegram&Millet Idli,Spinach Corn Quesadilla,Tomato Rice & More

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Here are some innovative and healthy Kids Lunch Box ideas which will help you plan your week better. This weeks Kids Lunch Box menu plan includes Horsegram & Foxtail Millet Idli & Mangalore Peel Chutney, Spinach and Corn Quesadilla & Fresh Fruit Bowl, Tomato Rice & Carrot Raita, Kadai Chole & Beetroot and Sesame Thepla and Star Shaped Cutlet Sandwich.

One of the top things that a parent wants, is keeping kids lunch box healthy, delicious and exciting. One of the many ways you can do that is by planning your kids lunch box for a week. This way you can shop for your weekly groceries and its easier to cook recipes when you have all the ingredients ready in your pantry. 

Fruits and vegetables and various grains and pulses can be added to your kids diet daily with these exciting recipes that we have lined up for you. Try them out and do tell us how you and your kids liked it ?

Here are some tasty after school snack and after school snack ideas

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Horsegram & Foxtail Millet Idli & Mangalore Peel Chutney

It is easier to make idli batter on a Sunday night and make idilis on Monday mornings for kids school lunch box. Pack these High Quality vegetarian protein idlis along with Mangalore peel cucumber Chutney to add nutrition in your kids diet. 




Spinach and Corn Quesadilla & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Spinach and corn quesadilla is a  wholesome lunch that you can make and pack for your kids along with some fresh fruits. These quesadillas are filled with sauteed spinach and corn that are rich source of Iron and proteins.


Tomato Rice & Carrot Raita

One Pot Tomato Rice Recipe is quick, easy and delicious recipe to make on a rushed morning. Pack it along wit carrot raita. 


Kadai Chole & Beetroot & sesame thepla

Kadai Chole are super tasty and simple to make. You can boil and keep the chole in the fridge in an airtight container the previous night and make the curry easily in the morning. Pack beetroot and sesame thepla along with Kadai Chole to add fiber and nutrition to your kids diet. 


Cutlet Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Bowl.

Kids enjoy food in fancy shapes. Star cutlet sandwiches are tasty and nutritious too. Pack it with fresh fruits for a healthy lunch box.