Kids Lunch Box Menu Plans- Moong Dal Cheela, Broccoli Sandwich, Penne Pasta & More

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Here is another tasty and healthy kids lunch box menu plan for you which even the pickiest kids will surely love. This weeks Lunch Box menu plan includes Moong Dal Cheela with Tomato chutney, Broccoli Paneer Mayo Sandwich with choice of fruits, Chettinad Vegetable Pulao with Tomato onion raita, Soya keema Aloo Paratha and Veggie Penne Pasta in Roasted Carrot Sauce. 

 Packing as much nutrition as possible in your kids lunch box and diet requires a little bit of planning. Using our Kids Lunch Box Menu plan you can easily do the same. These lunch box recipes are less complex and time consuming and makes eating healthy.

Make sure you buy the groceries before hand and keep your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food. When you are shopping for Kids Lunch box include Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Fats and of course Snacks and Treats. Here are some snack Box Ideas for your kids.

 Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days



Moong Dal Cheela & Tomato Onion Chutney

Moong dal Cheela are highly nutritious and addition of paneer filling makes them delicious. They are easy to make and kids will love them. Pack them with a tomato chutney for your kids lunch box. 


Brocolli Paneer Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Broccoli is power packed with nutrition but most kids do not eat them.Make Broccoli Paneer Mayo Sandwich and your kids will surly love this vegetable. This is an easy Sandwich Recipe that you can make quickly.


Vegetable Pulao & Raita

Chettinad Vegetable Pulao Recipe is tasty and delicious and you can adjust the spice level to suit your kids taste. Adding as many healthy vegetables in your kids diet is important and this pulao does just that.


Soya Keema Aloo Prataha & Raita

Soya Keema Aloo Paratha Recipe are protein and nutritious paratha recipe which is easy and simple to make. If you are crunched for time in the mornings then you can make the dough and the filling the previous night and keep it in separate airtight containers in the fridge.


Veggie Penne Pasta & Brownie

Veggie Penne Pasta Recipe In Creamy Roasted Carrot Sauce is a delicious and simple recipe where you can include vegetables in a sauce form in your kids diet. Make the pasta a bit more saucy as pasta tends to dry up. Pack a treat by sending Fruit and Nut Brownie for lunch.