Kids Lunch Box Menu Plan-Carrot & Capsicum Rice,Paneer Quesadilla ,Pav Bhajji & More

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Here are some delicious and easy kids lunch box menu which has Carrot And Capsicum Rice & Raita, Chilli Paneer Quesadilla & Fresh Fruit Bowl, Paneer Pav Bhaji & Curd, Milagu Sadam & Beetroot Porial and Broccoli, Paneer & Peanut Sandwich & Fresh Fruit Bowl. 

Little bit of planning goes a long way on a busy mornings to ensure that you do not compromise on your kids nutrition and health. We have included recipes which have  mixed vegetables so that your child gets varied nutrients in his or her diet.

Make sure you buy and  pack seasonal vegetables and fruits. Eating seasonally is a healthier, more economic and the food also tastes better as most fruits and vegetables are harvested at the right time this ensures that your food is not processed. Eating seasonally reduces the demand for out of season produce and supports local farming. It is more environment friendly way of eating as it means less transportation and less refrigeration.

Some of you also send a snack box for your kids. Other than packing fresh fruits or morning breakfast items in your kids lunch box here are some school snack ideas and after school snacks:



Carrot Capsicum Rice & Raita

Carrots and capsicum are both powerhouses of nutrients and this Carrot and Capsicum Rice Recipe is easy to prepare. This variety of rice can also be prepared with left over rice. Pack it with a tomato onion raita or just plain curd for your kids lunch box.
Prep Tips: You can pre cook the rice and also chop the carrots and capsicum the previous day, so making the carrot capsicum rice becomes super easy for the mornings. 


Chilli Paneer Quesadilla & Fruit Bowl

Quesadillas are perfect for lunch boxes. You can buy store bought tortillas or make at home; you can also use leftover rotis for the quesadillas. This fusion recipe will be a sure hit with your kids. You can  add more vegetables of your choice if you like to these quesadillas. Reduce the chilli sauce in the recipe to suit your kids taste. 


Paneer Pav Bhaji & Curd

The best part about a delicious Pav bhaji is that all the vegetables you put into it are hidden and kids eat pav bhaji without any fuss. Addition of paneer in this recipe takes this dish to a whole new level making it wholesome and filling. Pack it with buttered pavs and a bowl of homemade curd. 


Tofu Methi Paratha & Sweet Mango Pickle Pickle

Parathas are easy for your kids to eat at school and stuffing paratha with tofu and methi adds more nutrition. Tofu is full of proteins and methi adds fiber. Pack it with a sweet mango pickle. 


Broccoli, Paneer Sandwich & Oat Nut Energy Bar

Broccoli is a vegetable that most kids despise, but in this recipe broccoli is mixed with delicious and creamy paneer and crunchy peanuts and tossed in a sichuan sauce to make the stuffing more delicious. Broccoli, paneer and peanuts are all a great powerhouse of nutrients especially protein. Pack these sandwiches along with a bowl of fruits.