Weekly Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas from Paneer Dosa, Aloo masala Puri, Chinese spiced noodles cutlet & More

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We are back again this week with our super delicious, no repeat lunchbox and snack box ideas, as filling the lunch box with nutrition and also with new flavours every day is a task. From Paneer dosa, Aloo puri, Noodles cutlet, Multigrain crepes and more. Plan your groceries and stock them to use these ideas and recipes to pack it into your kids lunch boxes. When you plan ahead and keep things ready it becomes easy for the packed routine mornings.

Lunch Box Recipes

MenuSnack Box (4yrs & above)Lunch Box (6yrs & above)
Monday Paneer Chilli Dosa Recipe (Spicy Cottage Cheese Dosa), Tomato Onion Chutney, Chocolate Almond Raisin Cookies Aloo Masala Puri Recipe, Whole Green Moong Dal Sabzi Recipe (Vagharela Mag), lauki raita, 2 slices ofEggless Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe
Tuesday Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe Stuffed With Chocolate, Mango slices Kaigari Pirattal Recipe (Chettinad Style Mixed Vegetables), white steamed rice.Green MoongSproutSalad With Capsicum and Carrots
Wednesday Chinese Spiced Noodle Cutlets Recipe, tomato Ketchup, walnuts, and cashews Multigrain Crepe Recipe Filled With Spicy Mashed Potatoes withyogurt dip and Pomegranate seeds.
Thursday Baked Mini Bread cupsRich Chocolate Muffins with Chocolate Chips Godhumai Idli Recipe (Instant Whole Wheat Flour Idli) , Tomato Onion Chutney,Puffed Rice Bar Recipe
Friday Cheesy Sweet Corn Grilled Sandwich Recipe, Spiced Whole Wheat Cookie Recipe (Atta Biscuit) Corn and Spinach Whole Wheat Calzone Recipeand Sweet andSpicyTomatoChutney and fruits

Tips for Planning

MenuPlanning & Tips

Stock your fridge with chopped veggies , paneer and have your Idli/Dosa batter ready to make Paneer chilli dosafor Monday and also make sure to keep the spiciness accordingly. Prepare Tomato Onion Chutney. Keep the masala dough with mashed potato and spices ready refrigerated forAlooMasalaPuri Recipe, soak moong forWhole Green Moong Dal Sabzi Recipe (Vagharela Mag)and for sprouting too. Stock your fridge with some curd and grated lauki and cucumber for lauki raita. Make the Eggless Tutti frutti so that you can pack it the next day.


Stock your fridge with paneer and you can also keep the pancake batter ready for the next morning. Also have all the vegetables cleaned and chopped in the fridge for Kaigari Pirattal Recipe (Chettinad Style Mixed Vegetables). The moong must have sprouted by now that were soaked on sunday, keep them refrigerated with the veggies that is capsicum and carrot for salad. You just need to toss in the spices an pack in the morning.


Chop the vegetables and stock it in your fridge , you can also cook the noodles and keep it ready for tomorrow to ease the job in the morning.For the multigrain crepes keep the make sure you have the multigrain flour and also keep the mashed potato stuffing with spices ready in the fridge. Stock your fridge with yogurt.


Have your vegetables cleaned and chopped. Stock your fridge with whole wheat bread and cheese. Make Rich Chocolate Muffins with Chocolate Chips and keep it for the next day. Stock your fridge with yogurt and you can keep the flour batter ready for idli. Make and Stockpuffed rice bars during the weekend in a airtight container to pack it for snacks.


Keep corn kernels, diced capsicum, tomato and spices mixture ready in the fridge to stuff into the sandwich. Make and store the spiced whole wheat cookies during the weekend and you can use it to pack it for snacks or after school snacks for the week. Keep the filling ready for the calzone and stock your fridge with spinach. Make sweet and spicy tomato chutney and refrigerate.